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Book Review

Dinosaur Duel was a good book. It had lots of facts on dinosaurs and prehistoric animals and how they live and what they eat and how they fought each other.



African Drumming     

    The  African Drummer’s  were really good I really enjoyed getting up to dance with the whole school. They had all played the drums for 20 years but they had been in a band for 10.



Deinonychus was a good book. It had lots of information on Deinonychus.  I learned all about it and what it ate. I learned that it used it’s curved teeth for ripping flesh and to keep a grip on it’s pray. It came from the raptor’s family with 5 different species that all had a giant claw it used it for ripping in to the wind pipe which would kill it’s victim with in a couple of minutes.

That is why it is known as one of the most dangerous dinosaur’s of all time.   



Protoceratops had a thick bones to hold it big  head up off the ground. It used it’s frill to fend off predators and to impress the female because it would change colour. Protoceatops lived in Magnolia 100 million years ago. It came from the Ceratops family.



Leigh Hobbs

When  Leigh Hobbs came to school to show us how to draw Old Tom and how to make him move in the picture.   




Plesiosaurus is what people think could be the lock ness monster. For hundreds of years people have told story’s of master’s living in lakes. It was given the name Plesiosaurus because it meant near reptile case it was not comply a reptile case it did not have saelse.it was the smallest awet of it’s family of for.plesiosaurus teeth were raiser shape for ripping flesh off a vide or a dead cakes found on top of the water.   


 On the holidays I went to my Nan and pa farm we when awt in with the horse the filly was flowing us rand the hole time untill we went in with the aether horse and I patted the aether  two buckskin’s. 

 when mic and jon came to.We went  into the patik with all of the horse’s. There was a fily that folod  us  the whole time  we where in the patik  I  hald my hand awt to her  avchaly shy sniffd my hand  then shy came closer to me and I got to pat her. 

When  I went in with the pet sheep boots wanted me to feed him but I  had on me and started barking at him  and he ran feed so tried to but me . then he went to do it again bidy got in front of me away.  


Vietnamese   restaurant

At our  restaurant we had to put chinese hats.We had vegetarian spring rolls and bean noodles which I liked them in the hot chilli sauce then I had to    


Last night  we had the spooky disco  I  went as death.dansing  In the conga line as we went past mr batlas wig.


 we had  a giye kame to school his pforms was kald sopla.he plad drums with toylt stik and a fliy swaters.He had abawt 30  drumstiks all up.and then he got mishalem to playe the drums cose he rmeberd here plaing the drums.and then he gave evrywun a tern ither on the drums or the caw bel’s I got to go on the  caw bel’s and we did bob’s yor uncalck all togather.


 for mes shed we got to go fishing in portfery my fishing rod brok at the start then natasher fikst it then it brok agane


 Do-wrong Ron

He’s do wrong Ron who dus the right thing at the rog time rog ting at the right time and sumtime’s nutting good at all untill his ferns Charlie the guinea pig who look’s like an oversized rat and Isabelle  who is waiting for something  to happen. and when Ron pans a musical to welcome for Isabelle’s nana.  anything cod happen with Ron ichaj but all go’s to plans


Deltora Quest 

Deltora quest mays of the beest  was a silly good book they met a 15 yer old boy named dan he jond  jasman lefe and bader when  he safde them from an  olck a kreesher that wood sapshift into eneething they have seen or tusht then it wood set a trap for it’s pray.dan toock them to the rebal hid awt when they got there doom leder throw them into a dushan bacause he tort they were olks inklooding dan his apretas    . then they kort a bote  to the mase of the beest to get 1 of  the 7 jems of  deltora to get it they had to defet a hoowmugas slug with jigtike teeth with a tosik lickwood that shot awt of a barb on the tip of it’s talle


 the sapashriks kame to play los of fun gams we plaing kik the kan in it you had to protekt yoru kan from pepal with the soker bals . deth or glory were you kood trow a vorteks fotbol or socker boll it was a good game.and so was trafik litse it was just like wats the time mr wooth it was a good game to I had a lot of fun.                                                                     


deltora quest

Deltora quest the forest of silence was a good book i rileely likte it.at the stert lefe was told to go finde the ferst jem of deltora but he was not going alowen  the old man  was told to tak lefe at ferst lefe was disaponted ten bader toock off his klok and  he lookt yuger and stroger then befor. when they got to the forest of silense they met a gerl that groow up in the                              



camp was rilly good we plad gams like bobs and sachshoos and a scavijer hunt and wacht madagascer 2 and when we whent to bed we  stad up to 4.00 because we were all hipow on candy and we got up at 4.30.




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