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Favourite Food’s: White chocolate, Strawberry’s, Cupcake’s, Chicken nuggets, Ice-Cream, Chocolate cake, Ice-cream cake, roast pork, roast chicken, jelly, jelly bean’s, 


Favourite Colour: Blue, purple & Green                                                               

Pet’s: Lucy(horse) Buddy(cat) Ash(cat) Shelly(Cat)                   




African Drummer’s

Today the whole school went into the hall for a once in a life time performance. They were  african drummer’s from south africa called Garner. They introduced us to the proper names of the instruments and some of us got to have a go at it. Their band name was Wala which mean’s life.

   16~8~11      Leigh Hobbs  

On the 16 of the 8th 2011  a legendary author came to our school and showed us some stuff well I suppose I better tell you his name he is called Leigh Hobbs he showed us how to sketch Old Tom and Mr Chicken. It was awesome and I wonted his signature.


Go Girl Angels                        

Annabelle really wont’s to know how won the competition but the principal wont tell her who the winner is. The Angels are about to burst if they don’t know who the winner then they will have to wait untill the award’s night. When some people have to go to the principal’s office.


RED HAZE    Australians & New Zealanders in VIETNAM   Leon   Davidson  

In red haze there was a war that they called the “american war” by the Vietnamese. The free united country that the vietminh, then the vietcong and the north Vietnamese had been fighting for, came only after 30 years of bloodshed. The final 20 years of the war saw over four million north and south Vietnamese civilians either killed or wounded. While over 1,000,000 more vietcong and north Vietnamese soldiers died, the south, the south Vietnamese lost 225,000 troops with over 1,000,000 more soldiers from both sides wounded.

Some Australian and New Zealand veterans still feel they were treated badly both by their governments and by the public.

I would recommend this book to year 9-10-11 and I liked the book.  



On the last week of the holiday’s I went to Mildura with my Nan, Sharon my cousin, Madison. On the way there I spotted a kangaroo, an emu and heaps of bug splatter on the front window.

When we got there it took a long time to set up and we where sleeping in a caravan but not a trailer one though. While we where there we went for a swim in the murry river. Madison, Nan and I went on the P.S MELBOURNE the p.s melbourne is a boat and while I was on the p.s melbourne I saw the boat that my mum and dad were going to get married on. On the way back from mildura I saw a kitty kat that was  a tortoiseshell kitten and it was so cute. about 3 hours later we got home. 


On the 14~10~11 the spring music festival was on and the whole school went. firstly the Prep-2’s went to the theater first then it was the 3’s-6’s and when we got there was a lot of people there. They did an introduction of a song. Then they did a few thing’s that a brass instruments could do. Like the racing song,  the war song and we lernt that they sent messeges though the instuments and all that. 
On the 14 of the 10 2011 3\4’s 4\5’s and 5\6’s had our restaurant and my Nan came. We cooked Vietnamese rice paper rolls, Vietnamese vegetarian crunchy salad. Our room was a mess and smelt really bad like rotten fish. When we opened we all seared the costumers and then we seved. when everybody left the class helpt pack up and then we went to lunch.
I would give the day a 10|10. (exsept for the smell;() 
27~10~11                             SPOOKY DISCO
On the 27~10~11 the whole school had a Spooky Disco.
 At the disco there was beverages, lollies and chip’s. When party rock came on every one went wild and there was stuff everywhere.
 There was a lot of great costumes. I was a vampire and so was Cora, mr buck was death, miss Hallam was a witch and so was a lot of other people, Josie was a zombie, miss Mitchel was a dark witch.
1~11~11                                                    FOR SALE OR SWAP
Shelby was at the pony club christmas party and awards night and she won most improved. The Crooks where in charge of the barbeque Erin’s mum had put way to much sauce on the sausage sandwiches and so people had to lean over dripping fat and sauce on the ground.  Erin won ‘RIDER OF THE YEAR’ Shelby thought it was a joke for a beginner Erin had only won that thing because of her new dressage saddle’.
Shelby wont’s a horse but carnt get one. So goes to Erin’s and Erin show’s her a magazine and skip’s to the ‘lost and found’ to show Shelby she see’s an absolutely eye-catching chestnut  horse for sale or swap. Erin gives her the magazine for a while. Shelby doesnt wont to give up blue but she does wont a new horse and not a beginner horse for the reast of her life. she talk’s it over with her parent’s and they still say no. but she does it any way and like’s the horse and take’s two week’s with the horse to see if she want’s to keep her and if not she will get blue back.
Shelby is getting ready to go to pony club she gave her test horse some oat’s and grain and sat it out side of the shed for her to eat before pony club. Shelby scared brat her test horse and she put her leg tough a wire fence. Shelby ran over to her to see what damage she had done to her leg.In the end of the book she gets blue back and she will never let him go!!!!!!         This book was vey sad and i would give it a 10~10 and would recormend it  for 5~6~7~8.
 Fun day with St Pat’s      7~12~11
On the 7th of December the prep to 6’s from St pat’s came to our school for the afternoon. when they came we all sat in the grade 5~6 and 4~5 class room’s and had half an hour play and then the bell rang and we sat on the asphalt.
 Then we got separated into groups based on our year level. the first game that the grade 4’s played was: Red light green light then we played star war’s and after that we played kick the can.
 After that we went back to the ashfelt and then they left we went in side and played chinese whispers and got candy canes.
14~12~11 Book review:
 Digger is aboriginal and can not vote because he is not a citezen.
Digger is keeping a diry about the things that matter to him : piffing stones at the meatworks, fishing with his brothers and cousins.  But it’s 1967, and bigger things keep getting in the way. Digger is finding out who he is what he believes and whats worth fighting for.

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