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Hi  welcome  to Rhiannons AWESOME BLOG PAGE…………..


MY HOBBYS ARE : SPORTS, PLAYING WITH FRIENDS and most of all spending time with my family and friends……..
favourite author: Sofia Laguna
On  Tuesday afternoon the grade 5/6s played wheelchair basketball with Jason, I found it fun and but hard to play on the first game Kayla was in my team and we got three goals and we won,  the next game we got  two goals and won.
27/ 7/ 11
Today we had PJs day and I were my sweet dream pants and my princess  PJ top.
We got to watch Gnomeo and Juliet I found the movie funny .
It was funny how one of the Gnomes really ,really funny when he always dances around sing to himself.
Today the grade 5/6s had a Murray Goulburn Tour of the factory.
Saint Patrick Koroit, Port Fairy ,Hawkesdale,Woodford,Grassmere.
We all got split up into groups. Mrs Hoy called out the twelve months of the year .
We joined in with different so  January and February together,March and April,May and June,July & August ,September & October, November & December.
When we got to the factory we all got our safety we entered the factory and learn about machinery in the factory it was very loud .The men that took us around the factory was Chris Evans.


Today we had  a African drumming performance, the highlight of the performance for me was going up on the stage and learning a African dance, then seeing the teachers going up and dancing. Mr Bartlet was really funny to watch, it was like he had no clue what to do, When the teachers finished dancing the whole school got up and danced around the room, When we got to do a free dance I danced with my friends acting silly


Dear Dumb Diary


This book is about a girl named Jamie Kelly

In this book there are all sorts of troubles in each chapter one of  the main chapters is  when Jamie,Isabella and Angeline  are trying to find a new band member

I really enjoyed this book I think people who like a bit of a laugh at times this is the book for you to READ !!!!!!


Melbourne camp doxa

On Monday everyone arrived at the train station to go to camp then from a long time in the train we finally arrived at  camp, Then we found out who  were in our cabins,In my cabin I had Casey,Phoebe,Kayla and Lydia. After sorting out the cabins we got a train to the Melbourne zoo and we had our lunch there, After lunch we then explored the zoo and we got to choose  our groups and in my group there was Ami Howard, Mr  Bartlett and Mr Buck. After the zoo we got a train back to the apartment,we got dressed into different clothes then after that we got called down for tea. For tea we had Lenten soup, chicken curry the indian bread. I enjoyed the bread and the Lenten soup and the zoo.


On Tuesday we first got ready for the day then we had breakfast ,we made our lunch and after that we got given a doxa drink bottle and a doxa  t-shirt to wear. We first walked down to south bank, in our groups,in my group there was Kayla D,Sarah H,Samuel Mc, Dillon P, Daniel C and Mr Buck. We first had a look at  a cannon. when the celebration begone we first got introduced to the lord mayor Robert Doyle (MAYOR OF MELBOURNE)I think we all learnt a little something about Melbourne after the mayor talking.while we were eating cupcakes that were given from the helpers a Melbourne choir group called  variety choir ,sang us songs after that we went to the playground for our snack break. I had a go on a swing thing it was a bit scary but fun,must of the boys hoped on with me. we walked to docklands for our  tour of the ship sailing around  the river of docklands.After that we had our lunch then made our way to the Melbourne aquatic centre. I went in the wave pool then the water slide and I found them both really fun to go in.when we got home we all had a shower then got dressed for pizza night  at Arliss down a block.                                                                                                                 


On Wednesday we went to the Melbourne museum and looked around the museum  then after that we  went into our museum groups and had a look around the city, I had a slerpee and it gave me a brian freeze wasnt very pleasant had  old jail                                       



Go Girl Angels (lucky stars)

This book is about Lucy and the angels making a route for the team traffic challenge. but Frankie (Lucy big sister) has been getting in the  way of things, so one after noon Lucy invites the angels to come over after school for practise. when the girls are in the middle of practise Frankie cames in and looks at the dance but all the angels stop and adore Frankie and talk to her  instead of Lucy and practising the dance.  It was really annoying Lucy so Lucy yells at Frankie to stay away from the playroom while they were practising. After  the girls finished dancing everyone went home and Lucy thought  for  a while of how much she will miss Frankie when she is in spain.



Bella the bunny fairy

This book is about Bella the bunny fairy who has lost her magic bunny Misty, Kirsty and Rachel are determined to help Bella find and save her bunny from jack frosts goblins. In this book there is lots of description . I think this book is recommended for people who like great mysterious. I enjoyed this book, I even think this one was one of my top books to read so far.



Today we went to the public library in warranambool for the Burke and will’s exhibition. Our class had been learning about  Burke and will’s so we had a bit of a hint who they were and what they were famous for,  I personally enjoyed learning about everything but the most thing I enjoyed was going to the library and looking at the  belongings of Burke and will’s and the last letter Burke and will’s wrote.


22/ 9 / 11

Digger j. Jones

This book is set in 1967 when aboriginals didn’t have the right to vote OR be proper citizens of australia.Diggers big brother (Paulie) had gone to Vietnam war and his family finds out that he had died at war then the  army people bring back the body and Paulie has his funereal then he try as hard as he can to began to be faithful to others,he also tries to make thing right to other students and began to be friends then his culture fights for being proper siztens .



On my  school holiday I went to my friend Mackenzie’s house for a sleepover,I first went to her dads house at 6.30, we got dress  for the day. when it was lunch time we got  down to target and looked around,  we found the accessories part and looked at the sunglass,  I found an awesome pair on sunglasses, I tried them on and they fitted  so I scanned them to see how much they were.so we found some thing we liked and brought it. On the day it was raining  but I decided to wear the sunglasses while it was raining. After shopping we went to subway,we all got a six-inch sub, my sub was all salad. we went back to Mackenzie’s house and  ate lunch then dropped  Gemma and Tori of to their house. when we  came back to Mackenzie’s house we asked if we could walk to the milk bar and get some lollies for the night,Mackenzie’s dad said we could after the rain stopped. When  we got to the milk bar we had a look to see what we could get with our money, we got $2 wroth of lollies then got a mini chocolate bar for the movie we were going to watch that night  after that we went to Mackenzie’s dads mums place to get a blanket .

At 9.00 clock we went to bed ,I had a really good time but I had to got home.



Port Fairy Spring Festival

On friday the 14 the 3-6s went to the Port fairy spring music festival.We went about 1 o’clock then we went on the to  port fairy, we went to the port fairy theater  to see the spring music festival. they had the brass family playing instrument, they played all types of tunes,even the Simpsons,pink panthers,Siamese cats.and many  to more tunes.I got to have a go on going up to the stage holding two cup thing that you can use to make different sounds,when I was up  standing on the stage I start to blush……..

I found the spring festival really awesome I wish we could go again…



Vietnamese restaurant

Yesterday we had our asian day restaurant when our parents and grandparents got to taste types of Asian foods, there was indian, Vietnamese and Indonesian, our grade made vegetable rice paper spring rolls then there was crunchy vegetables with glass noodles with cut up omelets.

I first went to the 5/6 restaurant they had spice chicken   with an indian bread,  there was also butter chicken too.

I enjoyed the Asian day I wish the school could have it AGAIN…..




Last night was the GREATEST night EVER it was the  P-6 spooky disco, everyone dressed up in awesome costumes like zombies, witches, DEATH, scream, skeletons, vampires and other things to do with Halloween.

The teachers spent the afternoon making the room looking SCARY, I think the teachers did a really good job.

In the afternoon  I went home with Rachael to get  organized for disco, Rachael and I went as zombie Michael Jackson’s ,our clothes were all ripped to make us look like SCARY ZOMBIES, then our hair was all teased up with pony tails with coloured spray.

6.30: We were at the disco parting away with our friends, my mum came and took pictures of my friends and me,mum took  a picture with mr buck  and my friends, later in the night  we had a dance off then  at  the end of the night before everyone got picked up the teachers all chose a student each for the best dressed.

I think the best dressed teacher was Mr Buck, He was dressed up as D.E.A.T.H ,

I had a really good night ,it was an awesome night ever……





This book is set in the 1808,Grace lives in london with her uncle ord,Grace is a person that is very poor ,has no money to buy anything or keep her nice and warm,Grace goes to the river every day to see if she can find things to sell to people so she buy something to eat.

 When grace finds an old hammer in the river, she thinks her uncle will be very proud of her, but….when she gets home from a long day at the river,  she shows her uncle the hammer she found ,he doesn’t decide to say nice comments, he goes NUTS at her and starts to throw things at her and calls her a thief for stilling someones hammer but grace try to tell him that she did not still the hammer, yells at her and tells her to never come to the house again or never come BACK, and then grace decides to go for a walk in the streets of london and  trys to forget about what everyone has said about her.

On the way Grace sees a cart full of juicy looking apples  and decides to still one  to fill her tummy for the night.

Then when Grace sees her horse again (Pegasus)she sees how hungry he looks and puts him before her she decide to fill her kettle up with some apples to feed him but she gets caught stilling the apples and also trying to still Pegasus but the police stop her and put her on a cart to Newgate prison.

I really enjoyed reading this book,it is my favourite book I have read this year!



 A Friend  for grace 

 This book is about grace and all convicts of london trip over to Sydney cove to change their lives and give them a  second chance of life and freedom.

When the convicts are on the trip to australia Sydney cove, Grace the poor little girl meets a girl the same age named Hannah and her mother Liza, Hannah and Grace treat each other like true sisters should, In the middle of the trip, some people get a disease from the water they drink, Jenny is on of the girls Grace met on the trip, the water the convicts were drinking had the  disease and killed Jenny ,

But when the convicts land on sure they were all split into groups for work, when Grace, Hannah, Liza and Sally get put on a boat to take them to the factory for work ,

I really enjoyed reading this book I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading about sad thing and friendly books.







Today we had an act called SAMBA, Steve had a drum set and played with all sorts of sticks to make different sounds, he had dusters, dish mops and different other sticks



Today the senior basketball teams went to werribee to clash against each other. koroits team was called the Oilers, on the team we had Wilson, Angus, William, David, Kayla, Phoebe , Rhiannon and Casey.

when we got up to the werribee basketball stadium,Everyone got out and went to see if it had opened but as we waited we went to the netball court and had a shout at the ring

9.10 the stadium was opened,we found our spot and sat our bags down and got into our basketball shirts,I was number 12 the reason


 I choose 12 is because I am turning 12 .

The teams we played were allanfield, Wembley  george stream. when we played against Wembley it was so easy to verse, then when we got in the grand final we got beaten around 3-4 points.

By the time we hit the road everyone was really tired but we had a GREAT day



Today we had Saint Patrick’s school come to our school and have an activity day , we first got split into our grades so koroit and district grade 5s went with saint patrick’s  grade 5s.

The first game the grade fives  played was  (kick the can) with Miss Hallam, we had cones as cans and to kick the cones over we soccer balls, I was first one of the people who tried to kick the cone over with the ball.

Then after that we had DEATH OR GLORY with Mr Bartlett, we had to  choose from a football, soccer ball or vortex to throw or kick so we could get points for our team to win, we first got put into equal teams then we got told the rules then we began, we had cone to mark the point but after we kicked or throw we had to run to the point cones after we finished we added up each of the teams scores my team had 31 points and the other had 12 points.

  Then after that we had RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT with Mrs Hoy its pretty much  the same as Whats the time Mr Wolf, but it was red light for STOP and green light for GO. I really enjoyed this game because it was really funny when we got court moving and we had to go back to the wall and start again.


this year I have enjoyed having Mr Buck as my teacher, having an AWESOME as classroom


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