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Writing a book review!

What was the book about?
What was the problem in the book and how was it solved?
Who were the main characters in the book? Describe some traits of the characters?
Did you enjoy the book?
What do you think the message was the author was trying to get across to the reader?


Remember when writing a book review that you need to use correct punctuation! 



85 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Fossil Hunter
    What was the book about? fossil
    Simon finds fossil some times up in the rocky mountains and on the beach.
    Who were the main characters in the book? Describe some traits of the characters?
    Simon he looks for fossil simon works for the fossil hunters.
    Did you enjoy the book? yes. it’s a fact book.

  2. Deltora Quest
    The Forests of Silence

    When the land was in piece the King betrayed them and the the gems of the belt of Deltora were scatered to the seven deadly islands and Lief and Barda and Jasmien have to restor the belt of Deltora and free the land of Deltor from the evil shadow lord.

    I thought that this book was an amazing book because Jasmien saved Barda and Liefs life, which sends a message to the reader to always help someone else and never leave them trapped.

    I would reccommend this book to anyone who is interested in sad books that end happy with some action this could be the book for you!

  3. the jelly rocker.

    This book was about a brother and a sister that love jelly.So they go up to the shop and they look for cherry jelly which is both there favourite. But there is a lot of mango jelly and only 1 cherry jelly which is exactley at the bottom. So the brother pops down and gets the cherry jelly and all the mango jelly falls over him and then Jack Noble the most popular kid in the town comes
    around and snaches it out of his hands. then they start to pick the jelly up and then the manager see’s him and give’s him a free jelly that reads any flavor you wish for jelly.

    I loved this book and I love jelly

  4. old tom
    angela Throgmorton lives alone and likes it that way.
    then one day a monster turns up on her doorstep and
    angela’s life is never the same again…

  5. Unbearable
    little black balls
    Sallys mum is standing there holding up a pair of Sallys jeans in one hand and little black ball in the other. Sally wasnt sure what to say. sally new her mum wasnt going to like to know.come on sally. sally took a deep breath and said goat poo sally said. what said mum goat poo said her mum her mum threw the goat poo on the floor and scrabbed her hands with a towl then sallys mum got verry angry sally got punshied.
    I liked this book it was funny and enjoyble I would serest this to people that like funny and desardging books

  6. dirty bertie

    this book was about a little boy named bertie who loves to play with worms and his neighbour angela has invited him to her pink bithday party (bertie hates pink)
    his mum makes him go to the party and so he dresses up as a worm .

    I found this book very funny and the families personaltie cheeky.

  7. honey the sweet fairey

    honey the sweet fairy can’t make any new sweets with her party bay of fairy help the party fizz up again.

    names kirsty and rachel

  8. zac power test drive zac’s freaky frrogs. did zac sared big and his gageit pans looked ugly but they worked and he saved pozsion ilned.but how did he get thoue the bow up tuob.

  9. the cabbage patch war

    this book was about a cabbage that was a mans prized posesion. So the man has a bbq to celebrate but he dose’t invite his neibohor and he get’s angry so he light’s a bon fire that is relly smoky. They try to put the fire out and it flash floods and it wipes out the bbq out and all the meat is wasted and everybody is so wet! then the man said this is war so they have a wegh-in and the loser has to move so they do the weigh-in and whacka (the neghibor) loses but they don’t move because the daghter had stolen the cabbage so the neghbiors don’t move.

    I recomend this book for 4/5 because it is very funny

    • Mr Buck, don’t forget to read over your work and fix up your spelling mistakes and punctuation!
      From the grade 3/4’s

  10. The problem with here is that it’s where I’m from
    By Jim Benton.

    Jamie Kelly is sick of going to the same school and seeing the same people every day. But one day people from a foreign country come to her school due to a ventilation problem. Jamie makes a new friend called Collette.
    I would recommend this book to all 3/4 5/6’s.

  11. boys rule camping out

    Summary. Why did the boys think of a prisoner and ALiens? How did they know possums live in trees and they eat wood and make a lot of racket and its sound can wake you up and affect your pets hearing and eat plants and other stuff it can get its claws into.

  12. Dog Boxes

    This book was about boxes. It had heps of info about Boxes what are Boxes and boxes today. Boxes are great pets. Boxes are veary intelligence. They came help people.

    i liked the book.

  13. Wunderpants
    This book was about a boy named David, and his mother made him a pair of pants that had faries on them. They gave him super powers. Untill the was a running race, he ended up in a little creek and the pants started to shrink.

  14. Poodle and hound
    This book was a good book. It was about a poodle that goes to a hair salon and she gets her hair done wildley and then she goes to a cafe and thinks what her hound is doing and she say’s to herself
    “I wonder what my hound is doing?” so she comes home and her hound is not reading the newspaper like he was doing when she left he was. But now he was waiting for her. And thinking the same thing. I really enjoyed this book

  15. Smart Ice-Cream


    This book was about a boy who was the top of the class, when one day a boy named Jerome Dadian got 100 out of 100 in maths. There was an ice-cream van outside the his school and he went into the van and see what was going on. He finds tha there is an ice-cream that is called “Smart Ice-Cream” the boy has eaten the ice cream to be smarter.

  16. Rachael was staying over at jess house and they where asking where was jess brother and her brother olny came home if he was hungry.they where bord so they wanted to do somthing to there hair so they did do somthing to rachaels hair it did not turned out to be good at all and it was a fuzz ball rachael was inbarest if she went donw the street with her hair like that so they did soming to jess hair and it was so much butterful then Rachaels hair it was like that a boy was going to fall in love.:]

  17. Lighthouse blues


    This story was about a boy and an old man named Stan and they both live in an island with a lighthouse. One friday night he herd music coming from the lighthouse. He goes up to see what it was then he comes across a music room and inside the room is a saxophone and clarinet floating in the air. he finds out that there are ghosts playing the saxophone and clarinet. Then he finds out that the ghosts are Stans Father and Grandfather.

  18. Ecsape the carnival of horrors.

    this book was about a girl and her two friends, Patty and Brad go to a carnival that has not opened yet. So when they to the canival at 6 o’clock and they see a new ride called the space rollercoaster. So they hop on it and they get to a tunnel and there was no screming anymore and the section’s had parted. And the girl see’s a little man which is an elf and she goes into a room and she see’s some old fashiond people and one lady tell’s the girl to go down a alley way and down a slide then she finds her friends and they see another new ride called “the ghost house!”
    and they then hope into a car and then they go into a cottage a then they fall out and die.

  19. The wrong side.
    What was the book about?
    this book is about a simon who woke up on the wrong side and got pick on by the school bullys.
    What was the problem in the book and how was it solved?
    simon had a bad day at school becaues simon woke up on the wrong side of his bed his dad told simon that he should put his bed next to the wall in his room.
    Who were the main characters in the book? Describe some traits of the characters?
    simon and his mum and the bullys
    Did you enjoy the book?
    ilike the book

  20. conspiracy 365

    summary:conspiracy 365 is about callum ormond who is on the run from the police because they think he tride to kill his uncle and his little sister.

    the main characters are callum and boges.

    i really liked the book

  21. Topsy wings were so short and he said that he was a owl but he wasnt and turvy was a fruit stick and there mums and dads were good friends but topsy and turvy werent friends at all and they would atac over fruit.

    the main people were topsy turvy.
    Qesgion was why were turvy and topsy so different?

  22. Wicked Wizards and Leaping Lizards
    My book was about all diffireent jokes and riddles about broomsticks and bats and orges,big noses,goblims and cats and doctors galoure.
    I did enjoy the book it fun to read but it was a to easy
    Knock Knock! whos there! Liz! Liz who! Lizen verry carfully and ill tell you

  23. The Garden Of Empress Cassia

    This book is about a girl called Mimi who’s parent’s are chinese, but she was born in australia. One day her art teacher gives her a set of magical pastels. When she gets home she starts to draw a garden. People come to look at the picture, and when they read the writing at the top, they appear in the garden! One day, Mimi’s worst enemy, Gemma, comes over to Mimi’s house. Her mum tells her to take Gemma upstairs to her room. When Mimi goes back downstairs to do a job for her mum, Gemma takes the pastels. But there is a curse on the pastels, because if the wrong person uses the pastels, their picture turn’s into a nightmare! So when Gemma draws a picture, it turns into a nightmare and sucks her in! After she gets out Gemma is so scared that she throws the pastels into the river. Mimi is very sad, but then she realizes that she didn’t need the pastels to draw the garden.
    I really enjoyed this book. I think the message the author was trying to get across was that bad thing’s happen when you do the wrong thing.

  24. I was reading a book called HartLand. Amy is a girl in the story and she get’s a new horse called stom and she went in a show with him. When amy meet’s Danile and Amber she think ‘ohh what a butiful horse’ and Danile think’s that she is laughing at her and when she helps a horse he know’s that she wasent and he hasto put amber down and wont get over it and amy goes to her mum’s fulearal.

  25. Writing a book review! Captin Underpants

    What was the book about?
    the book was about 2 naughty boys called geroge and harold they got into so much trouble all the time they changed the lunch menu and made it nasty toilet pee-pee sandwiches.

    What was the problem in the book and how was it solved?
    the problem was that george and harol were naughty little boy nothe problem didnt get solved georg and harold keept been naughty little boys no mater what thee teachers done.
    Who were the main characters in the book? george harold and the princable.

    Describe some traits of the characters? Georg: the one that come up with the ideas Harold:the one that causes all the trouble Princable: angry all the time.

    Did you enjoy the book? yes i did enjoy the book why? it was funny and it was enjoyble

    What do you think the message was the author was trying to get across to the reader? i dont know

  26. Evie the mist fairy.

    Evie the mist fairy was about some goblin had taken some feathers off doodle the fairyes magic weather cockerel. Rachel and kirsty are helping find the 7 feathers. They find evie and the 3 girls all work togever. At the end they find the mist feather.
    I liked the book.

  27. the knight in screeming armor

    this book is a scary/comdy book.
    there is the girls cousins came over and brang two diffrent armors to play with.
    but when they go to bed they hear screams they go into the garage and they choose a crate and it fights them. they travel to england in a flash mysiriosly and end up in the garden of doom and the get chased by giant hegdes and meet a boy called page 46 and he says to go to the rocks and they go there and they see a sivery flash and they go to look and it is the knight and they die.
    I loved this book

  28. Cow Duing Custard


    Cow Dung custard is about a boy named Greg and his dad and his dad makes manure animal dropings in it. Then Greg and his dad make a manure that sameels so bads they call is cow dung custard.

  29. the hungry chickens.the chickens were hungry so they went looking for food
    the 1st.chicken ate a worm
    the 2nd.chicken ate a slug
    the 3third chicken ate a lemon peel
    4th chicken find a stone
    5 ate a green leaf the end

  30. jacksons footy. Jackson Likes his football and he finds his football every were jackson
    likes to draw drawing of all the footy teams he has all of the footy team t-sirt.

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