****Welcome to Rachael’s blog page****

On this page you will see stories, book reviews my reflections and other things I enjoy!

Name: Rachael

Grade: four

Favourite colours: blue & purple

Interests: horses, cats & dogs

I also like smiley faces



The Slime Squad VS The Fearsome Fists

This book was about a monster called Plog that live in a sewer pipe. He heard Miss Bumflop yell for help, so he went out and asked what happened she said, “my aunt got stuck in a can full of water”. Then the Slime squad come and saved the ant. The Slime squad Zill Furp Danjo asks Plog, “do you want to be a Slime squad member?” Plog says “yes”. They all go back to the slime squad HQ. At the HQ the slime squad they have a computer called Pie that tells them when there has been a crime. Pie told them that there was a bank robbery. They go to stop them and they see the fearsome fists and the slime squad get defeated. But then the slime squad finally defeated the fearsome fists.

I liked the book


P.J day

4 of August

On the 28.7.11 we had p.j day at our school we dressed up in our p.js and wore them to school. I wore my monkey p.js. When I first got to school I was embarrassed but half way in the day I was not embarrassed any more. Some people where getting their p.js drity and wet when we went outside for snack and lunch. It was on of the best days at school.

I liked p.j day.


4 of August

wheelchair basketball

On the 26.7.11a men named Jayson come to our school to tell us about why he is in a wheelchair. He said that he was in a motorbike accident and a badly broke pats of his body and there was hep of blood because he run into a tree stump.

Then we got to play wheelchair basketball when it was the grade 3/4 went out we got on the wheelchair and played wheelchair basketball we hoped in to partes and one team wore orange bibs and the other team wore yellow bibs. I was on orange team and orange team one.

I liked wheelchair basketball


African drummers


On the 9/8/11 three people came to our school from African and they danced, sang and played different drums.Then they picked some people to go up to the front and danced one of the people was me it was embarrassing but at the same time it was fun. At the end there was a disco the disco was fun.

I liked it.



The book was about a family that was fostering a dog and its three puppy’s and the mother dog was called was skipper and the girl puppy was called was Cinnamon and the other girl puppy’s name was Coca and the boy puppy’s name was Buddy in the end the family kept Buddy and the other two went to an author.

I liked the book.


Leigh Hobbs 16-8-11

On the 16 of the 8 2011 famous author called Leigh Hobbs came to our school he showed us haw to draw Mr chicken, Old tom and we made our own characters I called mine zap. mine had three legs and three eyes. Then Leigh Hobbs got same people to come up the front to show how different all the pitchers were.

I liked it


Dachshunds 19.8.11

The book was an information book that told you about the breed Dachshunds that was a type of dogs. The book told you what the dog was, history on the dogs and the dogs today. the book had some quick facts in it on of the facts was Dachshunds with a light coats often have blue or green eye or so time one of each.

The book was interesting I liked it fun


grandparents day 18.8.11

On thursday the 18 of the 8 2011 it was grandparents day where your grandparent came to the school and you got to show them around, and we performed two poems the fist poem was Losing things suck as an elephant, and the second one was The step sister speaks out. No body came to see me but I still had a good time but no everyone’s grandparents came too.

I liked grandparents day it was a fun day.


Hooptime basketball 26.8.11

On friday the 26 of the 8 of the 11 some grade 3, 4, 5and 6s went to the Warrnambool basketball stadium to play basketball 5 games agenst other teams. The the grade 5/6s got split into two teams and the grade 3/4s got split into two teams. I was in the team kings. in the frist game Georgia scored a goal and I got the winning goal so we won that game. in the second game won witch meant we where going good and in the third game we lost unfonchley and in the froth game we lost agin and in the last game we won but we didnt get in the grand finol.

it was fun.


Burke and Wills

On the 14 of the 9 2011 we went to the Warrnambool library to lean about frames australian explores named Burke and Wills but there real names are Robert O’Hara Burke and William Jones wills. There was a small play by two people. There was some artefacts there too like a note written by Burke. we got a sticker each.

I liked working on Burke and wills.


Digger J. Jones

The book was about a boy called digger and he is an aboriginal. His family and him are trying to be proper citizen. Diggers gran father made digger write in a diary every day about what was going on. He talked about school, at his house and other places but main places are at school and his home. Digger has bash up this boy called Darcey heaps of times but in the end they were best friends. In the start there was a war it was Australia, American and new Zealand vs Vietcong, china and japan. Diggers brother Paulie was fighting in the war for Australia, American and New Zealand but he died. one day digger bash up Darcey before they where friends and the next three days because Darcey mum died.

I liked the book.


The holidays


One of the best thing I did was going on the motorbike and driving around the padlock at the farm I went really fast. This years caves keep getting thought the fensso we had to get them back in there padlock. I also went to get the cows and there was a bull in the padlock and I don’t like bulls but I still got the cows because we didnt go near it. It was a big harfed bull it was red and it had a wight face. It was fun


Mum,Nathan,Luke and i went ten pin bolling in warrnambool. i was hoping i would get a srike because i’ve never got a sike before but i didnt think i was going to get one. half way throw the game of Bolling igot a spar but i didnt get a srike. i figed out that bolling on the will is a lot easy because on the will i can get stikes. my mum won nathan came second i came thirred and luke cam last. luke wasnt very happy that he came last.

It was fun.


Vietnam restaurant 20/10/11

On the 20 of the 10 2011 our class cooked Vietnamese for our parents to eat but we ate too. We cooked Vietnamese rice paper rolls and crunchy vegetables with noodles. My mum came and I sat with her and she like the food I thought it was ok. We served and ate I served twice. I enjoyed making and eating the rice paper rolls and the crunchy vegetables with noodles.

it was fun.


port fairy spring music festival

The 3 to 6s went to the port fairy spring music festival to see five people play brass intarmets. there was two girls and three boys. they played diffrent music like the sant killer theam song and the simsm. a guy whent around with a bunching gluve on the end of his instermet bunching people. Georgia had to go up on to the stag and instraced the people what to do, it was funny. i was taking pichters but Georgia did’nt look at me. it was time to go we had a grat time but it was time to go.

it was funny and fun.


spooky disco 27-10-11

the grade preps and up had a disco in the hall, the teachers seat it up.

I dressed up as a zommbie with a crasy hair with hair spay in it i also ware a wight t-shuirt that has been curt up i also curt up some legings.

Mr buck my teacher dressed up as death, miss hallam, miss lenhan, mis hoy and miss o’cona all dressed up as witchers, mr barlet dressed up as a veampie and he looked like one.

The grade 3/4 stayed the night the girls slept in miss hallam’s and miss mithel’s room and the boys slept in mr buck’s and miss hoy’s room.

All the others grades went home why we got to wach a movie we had to chosie out of hoky poky or rio we chosie hoky poky because it sutse the theam because the theam is spooky and it is a scary movie. It was a good movie it was about six people three of them are mean witchers and the other three are nice people. It was funny and not that scary but i still enjoed it. i liked the movie i would wach it agin if i had a chance to.

It was one of the best night ever


Samba 7/11/2011

On the 7 of november a man called steve came to our school to do a porfomens called samba at first the guy was a bit wird but it end out pretty funny. steve played the drums,hand drums,cow bells and shakes. I got to go up and play the hand drum so did a other people. everyone got to play something and at the end we all played togetther

it was fun


st patrick koroit 7/12/11

On the 7 of december st pats koroit came to our school for lunch and some fun and games we got slit into grade I am in grade 4 so all the grade 4 were in one grope.

The first game we played we red light green light with miss hoy it were someone is at the fount why everyone els is lining up and when they say green light you run and when you say red light you have to stop and the frist to tuch the person is the fount person it was fun.

Then we played star wars with mr buck its were you get split into two groups and try to get then out with ball it was really fun.

And the last game was kick the can with miss Hallam it were you have a con and a couple of balls and you have to kick each others cons over it was fun.

I had a fun day.



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