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Wheelchair Basketball

We had linger and then we played basketball his name was Jason he played wheelchair basketball professionally.

I really had a good time and it was so fun. 



Girls Rock

There was two girls and they were best friends and Rosa came over and said “ha look whats up”, “whats up?” asked Jules “the play notice”, they ran over and looked at the note tomorrow afternoon they have to go to Mr Tuttle’s classroom.

The next day  Rosa was very sad after school Jules said “whats the matter I thought you were ok with this”. Rosa did not say anything at all. “Be like that then” said, Jules.

In the end of the book both girls did the play and ended up best friends again.

This was a very good book that I would recommend to read it again.



PJ Day

On pj day we did art and music. On pj day and we got to watch Gnomeo and Juliet and we also had popcorn and we played games outside.

It was fun.



3rd – August 

On the 3rd of August we went to C.F.A truck and learned to never put tea towels on the toaster and the other things because it will catch on fire.


 4th – August


There were two best friends and Jules had rung Jess and Jules said ”that she has lost her diary and they said that her brother had taken the diary.

Jules had said that she likes Josh.

They had found it and a turtle had been stealing it and they had found it in the middle of the hall way and their dog had been stealing it as well.______________________________________________________________________________________________________
I love Jason delany


 This book was really good and I will read it again some stage.



 9.8.11 African drumming

On Tuesday three men came from Africa and they did some dancing for us and we had to get up and dance in front of everyone and that was so fun and this man came up to us and did the shimmy shake. I would love to do that some stage and it was really fun.                                                                                                                                        ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Leigh Hobbs came to our school and he taught us how to draw Mr chicken and old Tom


18_8_11 title

There was a girl and she hated everything lollies tv and hated holidays and liked school and that was the only thing that she liked.So the girl had been reading a story about booms and then her brother  Adam  had a got litter tray and put her hair in and that  and then she turned around and slapped him across the head .Then he learnt to never mess with her again .

Why does she hate everything?

Why does she blow up her brother?

Why does she want to blow up her brother?

Why dose did Adam put the kitty litter in her hair?

Dose she have a good region to blow up her brother?

Why did he have to learn how to make bubbles?

Was he doing a projet for school?

Why did the water make a big flash?

What was the big noise?



On Thursday it was  grandparents day and every grade did a perforce and then they watched us they looked at the book fair and at 2:30 the grades had to go back inside in less you buy something from the book fair or saying good-bye and there was new fresh fruit from Coles and at 2:30 they had to go Home.

It was really great and having Grandparents at Koroit district Primary School.



The brothers fantastic flying machine


Well there was a boy called Bernt and Brett stool his dads tools and he thought it would be a Ok” with it and his dad said” to go to the car dump and get the right thing for his machine and he built a helicopter and it stared to move and then it exploded and he told his dad what he stole and he got pushed.



The Blue dragonfly

It was chosing day and lots of the fairy’s were talking about it and all of the fairy were excited about except Bloom all the fairy had  to make bridle and Blooms”mother said let me see your Biddle and Bloom wanted ride a fast Blue dragonfly. They where at the Chosing day and they were in a curl and everyone had got a printer and there was not a nuff and the Quicksilver said” there has always been a nuff for everyone though and Bloom ran out and burst in to tears and she keeped hearing a vosie and she said ” come and help me .


Burke &Wills

4/5 has been working on Burke and wills and I did a poster and we had to get as much as down as we could ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


 The mermaid,s tale

Charter:Crystal Mum-Dad

Start:Crystal had only been a mermaid once and because she was older she wanted to be a Mermaid and when she woke up she did every thing that she could think of.

Problem:When she always went to the pool she could never open her eyes under the water and she always had jumped into her dads hands .

Ending:After all the hard work at the end she wanted to be a mermaid she wanted to be a butterfly the end.



Billie b brown

 Starting:Billie and jack were camping in jacks new tent in jacks back yard and at midnight they where going to have a feast .

Problem:they though that there was a big monster and their wasn’t one.

ending: they seeped in jacks bed room in the tent .


14_10_9                                                        The holidays

On the first  week of the holidays I worked at Poppies . I bagged  chewy lollies swept  the floor and wiped the tables because they where really grimy and there were lots of customers that I wanted to serve. But I could not and it was heart backing but i got over it and i got to



The restaurant

On thursday preps grade 6s there has been a restaurant and there has been cooking and the food was paper rolls and crunchy meatball rice and the parents injoed it and it was fun four us kids to making food. There were Indonesia Vietnamese .



The bruiser

there where people and they and they where doing cool stuff they had chobes and they had a little chobe and a big chobe and we had to see witch one is the louder one and the little one was louder.




The kitten club

Ruby and her Mum dropped for her two friends and Ruby grinned at them as they unslaked there set belts lily said ” do not forgot to invite everyone Ruby grinned and said” i won’t ”see you later said Molly


                               The spoocy  Disco

on the 27th there was a disco and there was a sleep over and it was 3 two 4s and we watched a movie in the 12 room and then we went to bed at 11.00 pm and it was fun.


        2_10_11                                     I love you Jason Delaney

 Alis life is fulled of questions . She has crush on one of the boys in her class and everyone is turning 13 years old in her class and everyone has a boyfriend except her and she really likes Jason


On the 7th of november there was a concert and the  concert started at 2:00pm and lots of people got up and played intmeants  and sang song


     11th                   I love you Jason Delaney

Everyone is turning 13 this year in ails class room and they have a boyfriend except her and  she has  a crush on Jason. Her ants Mim died and Ails dad told her when he got back from the hospital  and then Ails dad went up to Any Mims room and stared in to space and dint say anything also and Ail went to the next door neighbour  and they said you just need to give him time and when she went back to check on the door was shut and the it was looked  and he just keeled looking out the window and Ali just keep  giving him time untill he came out of the room and  that was it .



Sam the stolen puppy

It was chrismas morning Santa had all ready been to Emliy and Jacks house when everyone woke Jack was the first to open all his present and what Jack asked from Santa he got everything but onething that Emliy asked for was not there Jack said” breackfest time ”no not yet said mum Emliy has not opened her presents after Emliy opened her presents they went to the kichen and they heard  a noice and in the larurgy there was a puppy Emily named it Sam and oneday on the hoalidays there was this girl and she was looking at Sam the puppy and when Emliy inside for lunch with her little Brother and her mum when Emliy got home from school oneday Sam was gorn then they got Sam back and the girl that was looking at Sam stolen him and the main measge of the book was never seal angthing that is not yours.


On wednesday the 7th st patricks came and visted us. First of all we had  lunch in Mr Bucks room and Mrs Hoys room and then we went out to play for half a hour . After  play time we had activties and grade 4s played Green light with and Red light with Mrs Hoy and star wars with Mr Buck it was fun and kick the can with Mrs Hallam and that was fun. Then the St patricks kids left then we went to class.

It was fun and i hope that we can do it  again.




There is a boy called Daivd he has put his name up to be class captian and so has Rose. And Rose has been fighting  at school . Rose has been saying bring it on . David thinks that it is just resbilte but it dose not  mean it means a lot more that it means that you cant be that strike they can have a little bit of fun but Rose is  going to really striked.

 And after the fighting and blaming and the hole school thinks that Daivd stole the class pet because he was the last one with it.The  next day the kids and the teachers were acting stange and when they got insidethere was a lot  posters of David and then i think that Rose won after all that.

David made lots of promies that he could not keep and he broke the promies.

I think that the mesage was don’t make promies if you can not keep them.

Ithought that it was a really interreating book.



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