Melbourne-Tutankhamun Exhibition

Melbourne Tutankhamun Exhibition

On Friday 17th of June grade prep to 4’s went to the Melbourne Museum and Imax. We all had to be at school by 6:45am. It was wet, pouring with rain and it was windy. We had to wear pink bands with the school phone number on them. We got on the bus’ and left at 7:10am.

It took us 4 hours to get there, and on the way we watched ‘George of the jungle’. Finally, we got there at 10:45am. It was freezing. We had something to eat before we went in.


We went into the museum and we were looking at rocks and minerals that had come out of a volcano. Then we went into a 3D volcano part where it makes you feel like you are in a volcano. When we got out we went to see the glow in the dark minerals and what made the earth 2.5 billion years ago.


When we went to the Imax Theatre we had to wear 3D glasses because it was 3D. The Imax has the 3rd largest screen in the world. It is 7 stories high! The movie we watched was about the mummies, the pharaohs and the gods. At one point a lizard creature jumped out of the screen!


The Tutankhamen exhibition was called ‘Tutankhamen and the golden age of the pharaohs’. In the first room there were 3 televisions that were showing a short movie about the pyramids and the pharaohs. When it was finished the two big doors opened automatically. In the second room there was a Sarcophagus of a pharaoh called Tjuya. It had hieroglyphics all around the sides. There were also statues, the pharaoh’s names, a chest that they kept the organs in and King Tut’s pharaoh chair and footstool. In the 3rd room there was a chest, a jewelry and make-up box and vases for liquids to put on the mummies. In the 4th room there were necklaces, a hook, a cane and a sword. In the 5th room there was an image of King Tut’s mummy where you had to find all it’s golden pieces, bracelets, statues of Tutankhamen with the red crown (of upper Egypt) and the white crown (of lower Egypt). In the last room they had a stick figure (no legs) that represented his life, his sword for provision and a hook/cane for his health. It also had statues of the animal gods and statues a picture of Tutankhamen.

After the exhibition we went outside to wait for the prep 1/2’s to come out. When they came out we went to the buses. On the way home we watched Yogi Bear.

When we got back to school at 7:02 it was dark. Everyone waited there for their parents and then went home.

It was the best day ever:{).


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