This page will show you my book reviews, things I do, my likes and dislikes and more!


Likes: Chocolate, Reading  🙂                                                         

Dislikes: Carrots, Vegetables 😛

Pets: My fish – Grumpy, Sandy and Bubbles ;P

Books: All Roald Dahl, Dumb Diary and Colin Thompson 🙂

Friends: Madi H, Olivia, Rachael, Georgia, Annabelle, Josie, Grace, Ellen, Breeana :{ )  



Book review: 100 most disgusting things on the planet

This book has every revolting thing you can think of, from mouldy cheese and vomit to vampire bats and eyeballs. Everything in this book is real. I would probably recommend this book to 3/4 5/6’s who are interested in revolting animals, plants, foods and body parts. 

It is a fantastically horrifying book. : P



Book review: Great expectations

This book is about how the little boy gets a message to go to the old lady’s house. When he gets there the house is all damp and cold and dark. He goes into the room and there is an ugly old ghost in a wedding dress. He runs out into the garden because he is scared, but the ghost follows him. It tries to make him stay and play cards with her servant, and they end up arguing about what a Jack is called.

I would recommend this book to people who like ghosts and cards. : {



Book review: Strike a pose, Daizy Star

This book is about a girl called Daizy Star. She has two sisters, Becca and Pixie. She has a goat called Buttercup, and three chickens called Attila, Cleopatra, and Esmerelda.

But her parents want to move to a place called the Isle of Muck and be nettle farmers. At school, Daizy is organizing a fashion show. She wants to stay where she lives and be a fashion model. Daizys friend Beth is sad because her Grandma has what Beth calls ‘ that old people’s illness where they forget stuff.  ❤



Book review: They came on Viking Ships

This book is about a girl called Hekja, whose village gets invaded by Viking Ships. A lot of people are killed including Hekjas Ma, but they take Hekja and her dog, Riki Snarfari ( aka Snarf ), with them. On the way there are lots of icebergs to dodge, but the ship hits one of them and Hekja and Snarf are thrown overboard! Luckily, Hekja’s new mistress Freydis, saves the two of them.

The ship arrives at a new land called Greenland. It is almost all ice. Hekja is a thrall now, along with Gudrun, Hikki and a lot of others. Hikki and Hekja are runners for Freydis. Everyone stays in Greenland until Erik the Red, Freydis’ father dies. Now Freydis’ brother, Leif is the leader of the group. Freydis leads a group of the Vikings to Vinland. Freydis asks Hekja to run to Finnbogi to see if he would follow Freydis to Vinland. Finnbogi says he will follow Freydis, but he would take his own ship with his men. Freydis and Finnbogi agree on a place to meet with their ships.  

 When Freydis gets to place they agreed to meet, they find that Finnbogi has already left! At Vinland they say it is a land of plenty, because it has lots of trees and plants. Finnbogi had taken the long houses that were built for Freydis and Thorvard, so Freydis kicks him out and he has to build his own village. Hekja and Hikki are ordered to explore the land, but when the find Scraelings they return to Freydis. When the Scraelings eventually find the Vikings, Freydis thinks they should be friendly with them. From then on the Scraelings and Vikings are friends and trade milk and cheese for valuable seal skin cloaks.

Then the Scraelings attack. Finnbogi had been capturing the Scraelings and the Scraelings now wanted revenge. They come with red feathered arrows and kill just four people, including Hikki, and a trader called Snorri is injured. The day after the attack Freydis and other men, women and children walked to Finnbogi’s village and attacked them. They killed Finnnbogi and his wife, leaving Finnbogi’s daughter an orphin. They freed the caged Scraeling women and left the destroyed village. Not long after Freydis has a baby called Erik Thorvardsson*. Her and Thorvard claim Hekja as their daughter now, Hekja Thorvardsdoter. Hekja is married to Snorri and they live at Snorri’s original house, in Norway. They both stayed being explorers, but they weren’t thralls anymore. Hekja didn’t see Freydis again for a long time.

*In those times of the Vikings when a child was born their surname was their father’s name with son or doter (daughter) on the end.                  

I would recommend this book to people who like adventure stories. ***** 🙂



Book review: Anne Boleyn and Me

Elinor Valjean is an 11-year-old girl (1525) who works for Queen Catherine of Aragon. Catherine is married to King Henry VIII, but when he meets Anne Boleyn, who is also working for Queen Catherine, the King falls in love with her instead. King Henry plans a divorce with Catherine, but the Pope says that it’s illegal.

Elinor works for Anne in her house, and she marries Tom Freeman. The King and Anne have a private marriage in Henry’s chambers and Elinor hears the ceremony. Henry sends Catherine to all different houses, each colder and damper and smaller than the other. Soon the secret is out and King Henry says that Anne is now Queen, though Catherine still calls herself the Queen. On Easter Sunday 1533 there is a parade for the ‘Queen’. Anne give birth to a little girl called Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I).

The King thinks about divorcing Anne because she also fails to give him a little boy. He falls in love with Jane Seymour. Catherine of Aragon dies in the smallest, coldest and dampest house. Anne Boleyn is beheaded (a French Swordsman chops off her head) on 19/5/1536. Before she got beheaded she said a prayer and 


Wheelchair Wheel Talk

On the 26/7/2011 a deafening man called Jason who was in a wheelchair came and spoke to the school about being in a wheelchair. He was in a wheelchair because 10 years ago he had a horrifying accident that involved a tree stump, a motorbike and a lot of blood and guts. Before lunch time the 3/4’s went out and experimented with Wheelchair Basketball.

 Everyone had one or two partners. My partners were Maddi C and Sam S. Firstly we raced  races. The first race was to go to the end of the basketball court, turn around and come back. The second race was to go to the yellow halfway line and come back backwards. I crashed into Abbey on the way back. 

Lastly, we played wheelchair basketball. There were two teams, orange and green, and there were four games. I was on the green team. The orange team won all of the games. 

It was really fun and exciting. 🙂          _______________________________________________________________

PJ Day

On Wednesday the 27 of July, we got to wear our PJ’s to school. A lot of the people wore dressing gowns and slippers as well. I wore my purple dressing gown and my giraffe PJ’s. It was really cold in the morning, but it got warmer in the afternoon. 

Our lunch play finished earlier than usual, so that we could go inside and watch a movie with popcorn. We watched Gnomeo and Juliet. My favourite part was when Benny dressed up as a daisy as a disguise to go over to the red side.

It was a really fun day.  😉


African Drumming

On the 9/8/11 three men from a country in Africa called Ghana. Their group was called Wala, which means Life in Ghanadian.They had heaps of drums and other instruments. They were all wearing African clothes (uniforms?).

They plays lots of songs, and then some people went up and played the PlayStation. The PlayStation is just a piece of rope with a wooden ball at each end, and there are all different levels that you can play with it.

After them the teachers went up and learnt an African dance.

At the end they told us to go crazy and dance while they played another song. They said that we were wicked.


My favourite part was the end. I liked their songs and I also learnt that Africa is a continent, not a country. :0


Leigh Hobbs 

On Tuesday the 16/9/11, an author/illustrator/artist called Leigh Hobbs came to our school to show us how to draw awesome pictures of some of his characters that he invented. We went into Mrs. O’Connor’s room so there was enough room for all of the 4/5/5/6’s.

Firstly, he showed us how to draw Old Tom standing on the ground looking sneaky. Then he showed us how to draw Old Tom jumping in the air looking evil. Then we could add anything else that moves when he jumps.

Secondly, Leigh showed us how to draw Mr. Chicken. I didn’t think Mr. Chicken looked like a chicken (apart from his roasted chicken legs). We had to make him look like he had been at a disco dancing all night, and then, like with Old Tom, add any special features that we thought should go there.

Lastly, we drew a picture of a cylinder, and then we got to make up our own characters from the cylinder. Mine was grumpy and his name was Frank. 😡


Grandparents Day

On the 18/8/11 it was grandparents day. Everyone’s grandparents/relatives/friends came to school.

The grandparents were supposed to arrive at 11:30, but most of them came a bit later. My dad came and I showed him my blog page.

After that we took all of our chairs over to the hall where the book fair was to read our eisteddford pieces, Losing things such as an elephant and The stepsister speaks out, in front of the grandparents.


My mum bought me a book from the book fair called Strike a Pose, Daizy Star.

My Aunty Andrea came late and she watched the piano concert. She also bought me a book called Give Peas a Chance, and other funny stories.B)


Pie Day And Fathers Day Breakfast

On Friday the 2/9/11 it was the schools Fathers Day, so all the fathers were allowed to come for egg and bacon rolls for breakfast. My dad came and he wore his tigers jacket because it was Football Day aswell. There were lots of fathers in their football clothes. They went home after brekky.


At lunch time people had pasties and pies and sausage rolls that they had ordered earlier. I had two sausage rolls.

It was a great day. 🙂



Burke and Wills Expedition & Exhibition

On the 12/9/11+ we have been learning about two famous australian explorers called Burke and Wills. They crossed Australia from South – North, but sadly died on the way back of starvation. I had no idea who they were at first.


On Wednesday the 14/9/11 grades 3+ went to the Warrnambool library, where some people from the State Library had set up a play and a small exhibition of 7 objects – three drawings, a gun, 2 letters and a metal plate with R.O’H.B. and W.J.W. written on it. The play was about someone called Becker, who drew the drawings in the exhibition. Becker was a part of the group that crossed Australia, but on the way he got left behind at Coopers Creek, and eventually died from a stomach sickness. 😛




On the holidays I went to Victor Harbour in South Australia. It took about 8 1/2 hours to get there. We stayed there for 6 days. We stayed in an apartment that had automatic curtains and gate, a pool and a tennis court. It was 152 steps to the beach.

We walked on the beach every day we were there apart from the day we got there and the day we got back. The main events of this holiday were climbing the Bluff ( a mountain), going to the Whale Centre, buying $80 worth of lollies from All Sweets & Treats, going to Greenhills Adventure park, going to Urimbirra Wildlife Park and fishing off the beach.


Sarah made a lot of friends at Victor Harbour, including a sock, a rainbow duster, and a ball of grass. Victor Harbour was a lot of fun. 😉 


Port Fairy Spring Music Festival


On the 14/10/11 the school went to the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival. Firstly the Prep-2’s went, then the 3-6’s went. I was Madi’s partner on the bus. When we got there it was dark inside and we had to be really quiet.

Firstly, instead of coming out and saying hello, they all came out one at a time playing different brass instruments. There were four people playing instruments. I learnt that the instruments with shorter tubes made higher sounds.

Next, they told us about how the different sounds can mean different things and they can send messages from a long way away because they are so loud. One of the ladies went to the back of the room and played a tune, then said what it meant. She said that there was a bear that came out of the forest and was coming after her. Then the man at the front played a really long tune and said that it meant run.


Lastly, one of the men showed us how he puts all different things into the funnel and it makes different sounds. when the show was over we went back to the bus’ and went back to school. On the way back Madi and I played ‘I spy’ on the bus.

It was a fun day and I liked learning about the instruments. 🙂 


Asian Restaurants

On the 20/10/11 the Preps, 3/4’s, 4/5’s and 5/6’s made Asian Restaurants. The Preps made an Indonesian Restaurant, the 3/4’s made a Thai Restaurant, the 4/5’s made a Vietnamese Restaurant and the 5/6’s made an Indian Restaurant.

In the morning the first thing we did was set all the tables and chairs up and decorate them. Then some of us helped to make omelettes to put in the Crunchy Vegetable and Noodle salad. The first time I tried to crack the first egg it wouldn’t smash on the cheap bowl so I smash it on the end and most of the shell went into the bowl. That egg ended up mangled so I let Annabelle and Madi crack the rest of my eggs. Most of us made three omelettes.


We started to make the Rice Paper Rolls, but after making one Madi and I had to go to music lessons before the restaurants opened. When we came back from music we made two miniature Vietnamese hats each. When we finished them we could make rice paper rolls again.


Mr Buck chose some of us to go to the 5/6’s Indian Restaurant, so we went over to their door and waited for it to open. When it did Olivia came and seated Madi and I. Our food came and it was Chicken Cababs and Butter Chicken with a cooked wrap and lemon and a cup of water. The Cabab had red chilli powder on it so it was really hot.

When we came back to our Vietnamese Restaurant I was serving in it. I handed out napkins, made more Rice Paper Rolls and served my dad. There wasn’t much else to do so I just kept making Rice Paper Rolls.

The third sitting was when I got to eat in our Restaurant. I got my Rice Paper Roll, took one bite and spat it out. I wished I hadn’t kept making them. I had my Crunchy Vegetable and Noodle Salad. I only liked the Rice Noodles, because they didn’t taste of anything. Then I poured all of my Sweet Chilli Sauce onto them and I didn’t like them either.

After the third sitting all the parents went home and we had to clean up and fold the tablecloths. When we were finished that we went out to lunch. Success!

I liked the Indian Restaurant more than ours, mostly because ours was vegetarian! 🙂  



On the 7/11/11 a man called Steve who is nearly 50 came to our school with drums and shakers and more drums and jingly things and more drums (I think he liked drums).


St Pats

On the 7/12/11 the St Pats people came to our school for a play and lunch. They opened the folding doors and we sat in the 4/5 and 5/6 rooms to eat our lunch. I had 2 chicken chilli tenders, 2 chicken crackles and a choc FM, but they came late. 

We went outside to play for 1/2 an hour. Madi, Olivia and I walked around aimlessly for the whole time. I saw Laura and Neive.

After lunchtime the bell went and we had to sit on the steaming concrete while they told us what activities we were doing. We played each game for 15 minutes. There were three games for preps-3’s and three games for the 4-6’s. All the grades went together. 


First the grade 4’s played ‘Red Light Green Light’ with Mrs. Hoy. It is like spider but the person who is in turns around and says green light and the people who aren’t in run towards the person who is in, and then the person who is in turns back around and says red light and if anyone is still moving they have to go back to the start.

Next we played ‘Star Wars’ with Mr. Buck. There are 2 teams and 2 sides, and in the middle there is a line of cones with balls on them, and both teams have to run up to the balls and throw them at the other team. There is a Jedi, and if you get hit by the ball below the knees you have to sit down and if the Jedi touches you you can get back up. The other team is not supposed to know you the Jedi is. At the end both teams line up and 1 person from each team has to guess who the other teams Jedi was. If they guess right then they win.

The last game we played was ‘Kick the Can’ with Miss Hallam. Some people have a cone and the rest of them have a ball. The people with cones have to protect their cones while the people with the balls try to kick the ball and hit the cone. If they hit it you swap the cone and the ball.


After all the games we sat on the concrete again and the St Pats people went back their school. We went into our classroom and played Chinese Whispers and Dead Fish for the rest of the day. We got Candy Canes.

My favourite game was Kick the Can.



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  1. Wow . As a parent I love this !! It is a diary of all the special and exciting things that happen at school. This would be awsome if the same blog continued for years to come so the kids can reflect what they have done and remember the great times.

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