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On this page you will see my book reviews , my likes and dislikes and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Pets: Sam (my dog), Lucky (my cat) and Chips (my fish)

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Book review: Hocus Pocus versus the stinky pong

This book is about a mysterious green stinky pong that is making all the Wizzles (witches and wizards) on the island of Hocus Pocus go crazy. The pong is coming from Witch Pongy, a witch with very big smelly feet.

Lucy and her friend Joe go into the woods with Gog the giant and Wizard Old popper to find Witch Pongy’s house and make her happy.

That is all I will tell you so you will have to read the book yourselves if you want to find out more.

I recommend this book for people who like reading about magic friendship and wizzle pops (farts in wizzle language). 🙂



Book review: Ginger snaps

Ginger helps her friend Emily because her best friend Meg moved away to Scotland. Ginger makes Emily look pretty and they become best friends. But Ginger’s other best friend Sharon is jealous of Emily and tries to make Ginger be best friends with her again.

I recommend this book to people who like reading about friendship. 🙂



Anne Boleyn and me

This is a diary of Elinor Valjaen. She was a serving girl for the great Queen Catherine of Aragon in 1525. But King Henry Queen Catherine’s husband loses interest in Catherine and marries another women known as  Anne Boleyn. When Catherine is no longer the Queen, Anne takes her place but lets down her subjects. Then the King falls in love with yet another serving lady and she was Jane Seymour.

Anne is accused of committing adultery and is given the death sentence.

Her last words were “Jesus Christ commend my soul! O Lord God have pity on my soul! To Christ I commend my soul!” She repeated these words over again and when her head came of her lips were still moving in the formation of those words.

 When she dies her daughter Queen Elizabeth the 1st rules for 45 years.

I recommend this book to people who like reading about royalty and history.



My Royal Story Elizabeth

This is the diary of princess Elizabeth the first. She writes about every important or secret thing she knows. I think she writes in her diary like it is her best friend because she doesn’t have many friends because she is a princess and doesn’t get out much.

In her time people believed in witches. Her mother Anne Boleyn was her fathers second wife and people thought she was a witch. Elizabeth loved her mother even though she barely knew her and she was only a baby when her mother was executed. 

Elizabeth writes about how she is an invisible princess. She gets sent to Hatfield a lot when her father banishes her. She gets banished for her own wrong doing  and for her own safety. Sometimes she is ok with it and other times she gets a bit annoyed.

Whenever her father pinches her on the cheek or winks at her she feels happy because she never gets to she her father much.

One day when she was getting her armor fitted she asked a guard to take her to the Tower Green where her mother was beheaded. She asked him lots of questions and he had to answer them as best he could.

Elizabeth is the third in line for the throne and she says she will never be queen. In the end her brother King Edward dies and then her sister princess  Mary becomes queen. Mary dies childless and then Elizabeth becomes queen.   

Elizabeth dies after forty-five years of ruling without children in her seventieth year.  She was a great Queen. Her people loved her and I think they were sad to see her go. 

I think this was a great book and I recommend this book to people who are interested in history. I think Elizabeth is a nice person that looks after her people and does her best at everything.

I think anyone could read this book and enjoy it. 🙂


 They came on Viking ships

Hekja is a girl who spends every day milking cows or playing with her dog Snarf. But when Vikings invade her small village and Hekja’s Ma is killed by Vikings, Hekja and Snarf’s world is put upside down when Hekja is captured with Snarf and forced to work for her new (and first ever) mistress.

They are taken on a boat to Greenland but on the way, there is a big storm and Hekja and Snarf are thrown overboard by a massive wave! Hekja and Snarf get pulled up out of the water by Freydis.

During the boat ride there are lots of ice bergs and the boat hits one but dodges all the others because Snarf can sniff out  ice bergs.

When they get to Greenland Hekja becomes a runner with Hikki and they have a race to see who can get a message across to the other side of Greenland and give it to Thorstein. They came a draw and after the race there was a feast.

When Erik the red (Freydis’ father) dies Leif (Freydis’ brother) is left in charge of Greenland.

Later on Freydis leads an expedition to Vinland. Once there Freydis tells Hekja and Hikki to go explore Vinland for nine days but Hekja and Hikki find Skraelings their journey was cut short  when they went back to tell Freydis.

Freydis didn’t seem alarmed when they told her about the Skraelings. And she said they would wait for them to come and see if they will trade.After a while the Skraelings come and trade furs for cheese and milk.

The Skraelings keep coming back to trade untill one day they attack! There were four wounded in the attack and four left dead including Hikki. 😦   

Snorri was shot with a bow and arrow just below the heart.

Freydis suspects that Finnboggi (the leader of the other group of vikings) has something to do with the attack and takes Hekja to his houses on the other side of Vinland.

Freydis had a baby boy and called it Erik Thorvardsson and Freydis adopts Hekja and her name is Hekja Thorvarsdottir

Finnaly they get there and see that Finnboggi has captured some of the Skraelings!

Freydis’ camp of vikings go to Finnboggis camp and attack them. Snorri was unable to come because he was injured.

When they came back from the attack everyone was covered in blood. 

Hekja told Snorri that they killed most of Finnboggis camp, including Finnboggi.

Snorri and Hekja get married and leave Vinland and go to Norway where Snorri lived and they traveled back to Hekja’s village and see how all her friends are.

I think this book is a great read for everyone! I think the moral of the story was about loyalty and friendship. 🙂


Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is an Austrian princess who is to Marry Louise August the Dauphin of France. She has been learning french and working extra hard to be a perfect wife for the Dauphine.

Her mother Maria Theresa the Empress of Austria,  organised the marriage.

Marie Antoinette’s cousin Theresa (aka Titty) becomes very sick and dies. Later that week her Grand Mistress Lulu died from an infection in her leg. I would be very sad if two people I knew well  died in the same week.

Later on Marie goes to Versailles France and meets Louise August. She describes him as ugly, fat, pimply and smelly, (in her diary of course)!

She gets married to Louise but they do not have children until years after their marriage.

Years later, after they have four children, Marie Antoinette and Louise August get executed for gambling and spending too much money.

I think this a great book with lots of facts about history. It is amazing how much you learn from just reading book! 🙂

I recommend this book for people who love learning about history.




Murray Goulbarn

On Tuesday some people came from Murray Goulbarn to tell us about their job. Other schools came aswell including Saint Pats Koroit, Port Fairy consolidated, Hawksdale and Woodford primary school. We had to sit down and listen to a slide show where the people talk about their job in the factory and about where milk comes from.

Next we got into groups and walked over to Murray Goulbarn. When we got there we had to put on a plastic poncho and a hair net so we didn’t get germs from germ cells. We went and saw the evaporator it was really loud.

Next we went back to school and had a BBQ with sausages and chocolate milk (yummy). I played 40 40 homes with Grace, Olivia, Lydia, Taylor and Jasper.

It was a really fun day (especially the choc milk. 🙂


African drumming

On Tuesday the 9/8/11 three men came from a country in Africa called Ghana to show us some of the drums that they play in Africa.

They told us that WALA in Ghanadian language means life.

In the middle of the show all the teachers got up on stage and had to do a dance. It was really funny.

At the end everyone got up and danced around the room. It was really fun!

I really liked it. 😛


Leigh Hobbs     

On Tuesday 16/8/11 Leigh Hobbs came to our school to teach us how to draw some of the characters in his books.

First we learnt how to draw Old Tom and how to make him move. After we drew two Old Toms we got to add our own special features to him.

 Next we learnt how to draw Mr Chicken. Mr Chicken isn’t a chicken at all. I think he is a mixture of animals.

After we drew Mr Chicken we got to make our own characters starting out with a cylinder. I made a girl called Buggie.

It was lots of fun! 😛 


Grandparents day

On the 18/8/11 was grandparents day. All the grandparents (or someone special ) came to school. They arrived at 11:30 and we showed them our blogs.

My Nana, Pop, Grandma and Pa came and after I showed them my blog I showed them what I could play on the piano.

After that all the classes read out their eisteddford pieces. Our class read losing such things as an elephant and the stepsister speaks out (3rd prize 🙂 ).

Very conveniently the book fair was on the same day ( hmm? ).

I liked showing my grandparents around the school. Cant wait untill next year!


Doxa city camp Melbourne

Day one of 5

 We arrived at the Southern cross station after a three and a half hour train ride.  We walked to the Doxa camp where we would be sleeping and we walked up four flights of stairs and went through a door that needed a code to get into. We walked in and put our bags in a very crowded hallway. We went into a lounge/shared room/area and we listened to some things about transport and some of the places we would go. We got told who was in what room, I was in a room with Grace, Sarah, Annabelle, Cora and Ami.

everyone got told to go in our rooms with our bags. After that we caught a train to the Melbourne zoo.

 When we got there we went to see the elephants. After the elephants we broke into small groups and went around the zoo in groups. In my group there was Lydia, Shae and Grace.

My favourite animal at the zoo was the seals.

For tea we went downstairs to an Afghani restaurant. I liked the food.


Day two of five

Melbourne day

When everyone was ready we walked to the enterprise park and we listened to speeches made from Robert Doyle the lord mayor of Melbourne. Next we caught a tram to Docklands. When we got there we got to go on a replica model of the Enterprise ship! We got to sail on the boat. It was lots of fun!

Aquatics center

Next we went to the aquatics center. There was a wave pool and a water slide! I went on the water slide it was heaps of fun! The wave pool was also fun, I loved jumping in the waves! The aquatics center was lots of fun!


We went for pizza at Erolls. I had pineapple pizza and it was yummy! 🙂

Day three of five

Melbourne museum

First we went to the Melbourne museum. I we got into groups, I was in a group with Lydia, Grace, Cora, Olivia, Rhiannon and Sarah. My groups teacher was Mr Bartlet.

First we went and looked at the dinosaurs then we looked at the marine life and last we looked at the human body.

Next we went to see Wild! Witch is all animals (dead of course) and it had lots of info on some really weird animals!

Old Melbourne Gaol

Next we caught a tram to the Old Melbourne Gaol. When we got there we put our bags in a cell so they were all locked up and safe.

We had  tour of the Gaol and we learnt about the history of some of the prisoners including Ned Kelly.

After the tour we got to go in  groups and have a look around the Gaol. I looked around the Gaol with April (because she was the only person who could keep up with me). When we got to the part where you could try on a costume of Ned Kelly’s armor Olivia had just caught up with us and she was the frist to try it on. We got heaps of photos!

China town 

After tea some of us went for a walk to China town. On the way back we stopped at Hungry Jacks for ice-cream.

My favourite part of the day was the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Day four of five

Immigration museum

First we walked to the Immigration museum. We got into our color groups, in my group there was Lydia, Will, Phoebe and Jasper. The teacher for our group with Natasha.

My favourite part of the Immigration museum was going in the boat where we had to list all the sounds that we could hear.

Shrine of remembrance

We had to walk a really long way to get to the shrine of remembrance and everyone was tired by the time we got there. First we looked at the flags. Next we saw all the meddles. We saw the Victorian cross. Next we went to the balcony. We could see the internal flame.

Next we went to have a minute of silence. After the minute of silence we made our way down to the internal flame. It was really bright and warm.

City circle tram ride

When we got on the city circle tram I was sitting next to Cora but I moved after a while went to sit next to Olivia, Seth, Will and Lydia. We played truth or dare. I liked going on the tram, it was fun!

Day five of five Last day

First we went to the Vic markets. We got into our groups I was in a group with Lydia, Grace, Cora, Olivia, Rhiannon and Sarah again and my groups teacher was Mr Bartlet again.

We stopped at lots of jewelry stores. I bought a strip of liquorice.

 I loved the Vic markets.

Going home

We had to walk with our heavy suitcases to southern cross station and got on the train to Geelong. My partner was Sarah. We went on picto chat on our DS’s.

When  we arrived in Geelong we had to go on a bus back to Warrnambool. My dad picked me up. I was so exited to see everyone!

I thought Doxa was the best camp of the year!

                              Me with Phar Lap  > _____________________________________________________________

Burke and Wills expedition

On Wednesday the 14th of September grade 3-6 went to the Warrnambool library to learn about the doomed expedition of Burke and Wills. We sat down in the library and watched a play about Bekka the artist/naturalist in the expedition. The play was very funny.

Next we got to look at some of the artifacts that the people brought down from the state library there was Wills pistol, a painting that was painted by Bekka,  a drawing with some info on a moth also done by Bekka, two grinding rocks that Burke used to grind up a plant that they ate and there was also and a note.

My Uncle was there because he works at the state library. I think he has an awesome job! 

I really enjoyed learning about Burke and Wills.


The Blue house

On the holidays I stayed in a blue house with my Mum, Dad and Sister in Barwon Heads.

 The first day we went for a walk to the river and saw lots of people fishing.

The next day Dad, Eliza and I went fishing down at the river. I we stayed there for about an hour and then we went back to the blue house and had lunch. I had two chicken sticks.

After lunch we went back to the river to try to catch some fish.  

After a while I caught a big mullet and we took it back to the blue house.

The next day we packed our bags and went home.

I hope I can go back to Barwon heads next holidays!!! 🙂



On Wednesday the 27th of July, we all came to school dressed in our PJ’s. I wore my pink spotty dressing gown and my ugg boots. It was really warm for the whole day but it got a bit hot in the afternoon.

In the last hour of school we watched a movie. It was called Gnomeo and Juliet. I liked the movie because it was funny. 😛



Spooky disco

On the 27/10/11 the school had a Spooky disco! I dressed up as a witch and I had a hat with purple hair coming out of it. I also had a black and white cat called Webster.

The hall was decorated in spider webs and spiders and pumpkins! Megan was dressed as a devil, Grace was dressed as a goth fairy and Olivia was dressed as a witch!

There were songs playing and when Thriller came on most of the girls in my class started dancing our dance!

Near the end of the disco there was a dance competition.


 Vietnamese Restaurant

 On the 20/10/11 our class had a Vietnam Restaurant. 

Other classes had restaurants. Grade 5/6 had an Indian restaurant, 3/4 had a Thai restaurant and prep-2 had a Indonesian restaurant.

First we set up all the tables and put our center pieces in the middle. The we table cloths were red and we put a yellow star in the middle.

Secondly I went to the 5/6 restaurant and ate with Megan and Olivia. I had half of a chicken kabab.

Thirdly I went back into the Vietnamese restaurant to eat with my Dad and sister. I had rice paper rolls ( 🙂 Yum!) and chunky vegetables with glass noodles ( 😦 Yuk!).

I had a lot of fun cooking and eating different foods. The worst part was packing up (did anyone get any food in their mouth?).



The big samba


On the 7/11/11 a man called Steve came to our school and played drums for us. ___________________________________________________________

St Pats

On Wednsday the 7th of December St Pats came to our school for lunch and games.

First we ate lunch for 15 minutes and then went out to play for half an hour. When the bell rang we sat on the ashfelt and listened to the instructions for what we had to do.

Each grade went together to do an activity. First the grade 5s did kick the cone with Miss Hallam. We had to kick balls to knock the cones over.

Next we played death or glory with Mr Bartlett. We had two teams and when it was your turn to bat you could either throw the vortex, kick the footy or kick the soccer ball then you run around the cone before the feilding team gets you out.

Lastly we played red light green light -which was my favourite game- with Mrs Hoy. It is like whats the time Mr wolf but you say red light when you have to stop and green light when you have to go.

It was a very fun afternoon.



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