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        Welcome to Lydia’s blog page

On this blog you will see book reviews, stories, what I enjoy doing and my likes. 

Name: Lydia

Grade: 5

Favourite color: Light blue

Likes: To hang out with my friends



Wheelchair Basketball  

On the 26-7-2011, a pro wheelchair basketballer named Jason came to our school to talk about wheelchair basketball.

At 2:30 the grades 5/6 had a go in the wheelchairs. First  we had to get some practice, like turning around and then we had to go up to the first yellow line and go backwards. 

After that we played a game of wheelchair basketball. There were to teams the green team and the orange team.  


27-7-2011 P.J Day

On the 27-7-11, we were allowed to wear our PJs to school. 

We still did school work but at 2:30, we got to watch a movie. The grade 3s to 6s watched Gnomeo and Juliet. PJ day was awesome.    


 2/8/2011 Murray Goulbarn

Today the grade 5/6s from Port Fairy, St Pats Koroit and Hawkesdale went to Murray Goulbarn. We got into twelve groups by the month we were born in. 

Once we arrived, we had to where ponchos and hair nets. We had a tour of Murray Goulbarn for about half an hour. 


 African Drumming


On the 9/8/11, we had some African drummers came to our school to show us how to play some African instruments.

They came from South Africa and played the drums for us. Some people went up and danced. All the teachers went up and danced and then at the end we all got up and danced together.

The costumes were awesome. Two of them wore blue shirts and pants and the other man wore a yellow shirt and yellow pants and I really enjoyed it.


Leigh Hobbs 16/8/11

On the 16/8/11 the author/illustrater Leigh Hobbs came to our school. 

He showed us how to draw Old Tom, Mr. Chicken and told us how to draw our own character.

Old Tom  

First he showed us how to draw Old Tom. Then we watched a little film with Old Tom in it.

Mr. Chicken

When we got to draw Mr Chicken, we had to fold our paper in half and right our name in the to right corner. Then he showed us on the white bord step by step.

Once we finished our drawings, the front row stood up and showed the class what we had done. I really enjoyed it. 



grandparents day/book fair 18-8-11

On the 18-8-11 it was Grandparents day and we got to show our grandparents around the school and have a consort for them. 

At 11:30, the grandparents stared to arrive and we got to show them what we do in the classroom. 

At 12:30, we had a consent for them and we sang the song from the estdedford. 

At 1:30 the grandparents were allowed to have lunch with us and spend some time with us while they ate their lunch. I really enjoyed it.  


Book Fair 16, 17 and 18 of August

The book fair was so cool. It was on Grandparents day so our grandparents were allowed to buy us some books.


Diary of a wimpy kid (do it yourself)

Dear Dumb Diary

The folk collection 










Monday 29-8-2011 Doxa City camp 

On the 29-8-2011, the grade 5/6s went to Melbourne for a week.

We had to be at the train station 5:30 to put our bags on the train. Once we had our bags on the train, we had to say goodbye to our parents and get on the train. It was a 3 hour trip s we were on the train for a while.

Once we got to Melbourne, we walked with all our luggage to where we were staying. It took us a little while but we got there in the end.

Once we got to where we were staying, we had to walk up a lot of stairs with our luggage.

Once we  got up all the stairs, we had to put our bags outside the shared area and sit down. Before we could see who was in our cabins, we listened to the safety information and see was transport we would be taking around Melbourne.

After the safety talk we listened to see who was in our cabins. My caban number was 2 and in my room was Rhiannon, Casey, Phoebe and Kayla. 

The Zoo 

After we sorted out or rooms, we stared to head to the Zoo. We had to catch a train to get there but it didn’t take long.

Once we got off the train, we were allowed to go in our own little groups to look at the animals. In my group i had Madi, Shae and Grace.



The elephants were really big and they ate pumpkins and the elephants we saw was only 4 years old! 🙂


After the elephants we went to see the tigers. We didn’t stay long because they were sleeping.


After a while we went to see the meerkats. They were so cute and the were only little and they would have been a bout the size of my palm.

Seals (On the rocks)

Then we went to see the seals. The were so adorable and the would pose for the camera and swim under water.

Seals (Under water)

After we saw the seals on the rocks we found a little entence to something we went in, and it was the seals swimming underwater! The we so awesome and they love the people.


The penguins were so adorable and they would be diving in the water one by one and swim. It was so cool!

Red Pandas

Then we went to see the red pandas. They were up in the trees so we could not see see them propley. But they were still cute.


Tuseday 30 of August 2011

The Melbourne Day

On Tuseday 30 of august we went to Melbournes 176th birthday. We listed to the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle talk and watch Phobe hand the Melbourne Lord Mayor oa letter from the Lord Mayor of Tazmainia. Then We heard the Charaty Youth Choior sing, Firework and We Are Austraian. 

Melbourne Aquitc Center

After we were finished at the Melbourne Day we went to the Melbourne Aqutic Center. It was so cool it had a wave pool and a waterslide. 

Whern we got there, we got there just after the waves stared. Then we stayed in the wave pool and some people went on the waterslide.

The waves were on 3 times when we were there.


31-8-11 Old Melbourne Gaol

On the 31-8-11 we went to The Old Melbourne Gaol. When we first got there we saw a model of the gaol, then we listened to what we were going to do. 

The Trap Door

After we listed to what we were going to do, we got to sit weere Ned Kelly got hung. They had a trap door and hat to let the body hanh about 30 after they got hung to make sure they were dead. 

Ned Kellys Death Mask

After we listed to what happend to Ned Kelly, we go to see his death mask. It was realy creepy and Cora and I thought it was going to come alive.


Melbourne Museam 31-8-11

On the 31 of August, we went to the Melbourne Museum. When we first got there we were sorted into groups. I was in Mr. Bartletts group with Sarah, Madi, Grace and Rhiannon.

The Dinasours

The first thing we saw were the dinasurs. We got to see their bones, some eggs and some photographic images of when they were alive.


Then after we looked at allthe other parts of the museum, we looked in this room called Wild. It was all about the animals of the world. We saw animals that have been dead for thousonds of years and some that  are endangred. We saw pndas, pumas, poler bears, owls and some infomation on animals like Zebras and Cheaters.





On the 14-9-11 the grade 3/4 5/6 went to the Wannanbool libray and went to see some  artifacts about Burke and Wills.

First we saw a play that was based aroud when Burke and Wills went exploring. 

Then they let us see some artifacts that they took with them like the note the Burke wrote, Wills gun, a painting and some other things. 

It was realy good and I realy enjoyed it. 


Digger J. Jones 

Digger J Jones is about an abariganal boy who wants to be a proper citazen. This book was based in the year 1967 when abariganals where not alowed to vote. 

Sadness to the family

In the beginning, Diggers older brother Paulie went to the Vietnam war. After a few weeks, his family receved a letter to say that Paulie had been killled. They went to Vietnam to get Paulies body and bring it back to Melbourne. Digger, his Pop and his dad all caried Paulies coffin to his grave. 


Digger usted to get teasted at schol for being abariganal. He got detetion alot for fighting and bad language. There was a boy in Diggers class caled Darcy and Darcy would tease Digger for being abariganal. Digger didnt like getting teased to he deciced to fight with Darcy and ended up getting detentetion. 

The Funeral

About half way through the book Darcys mum dies from a sickness. Darcy didnt go to school for about 3 days and Digger was woried. Untill Diggers teacher says to the class ” There has been death in Darcys family.” Digger decided to go to the funeral and see if Darcy was okay. 

This book was realy  interesting and i would recomend it to 6th or 7th graders


















































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