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I love white chocolate

I dislike vegetables and Quiche


Grade: FOUR4 




Today all the grade 3/4’s went and played wheelchair basketball, Jason was a wheelchair basketball player. We all practiced how to go backwards and forwards. Then we all learnt how to go forwards and turn around. 

Then we went to play wheelchair basketball, the orange team kept on winning.




   I really liked PJ day. I love watching Gnomio and Juliet and    eating the popcorn. I almost fell asleep. I also liked wearing my PJ’s all day.






Today at school the CFA came to school to show us how fires can start.

tom and Sandra showed  us that when a fire starts it can get up to nine hundred  degrees and that all of your body’s water which is 80% you would die. 


then Sandra said that if our clothes didn’t have the fire safe tag and if they had the danger fire tags then the shop isn’t clothing. The shop isn’t allowed to sell the clothing.


The gum leaf war

This chapter was about a boys brother who push him in to the pantry and his nose turned 7cm long and when his dad took him to the hostpitle the doctor said that they couldn’t do any thing for three years.

His mum said he would have to go on a holiday at granddad Mcfuddy so he went on the train and every one staid at him the whole way. When he got to Mcfuddys house he slept in the laurndry .

When the boy went for a  walk he heard a tune it was (CLICK GOES THE SHEARS) then he got a cut.

In the morning Mcfuddy had the flu and was spitting everywhere. Then Mcfuddy got angry and got his gun and shot at Foxy, and missed.

Foxy and Mcfuddy didn’t like each other because Foxy played a tune on a leaf and gave Mcfuddy the mumps.

While both Mcfuddy and the boy were putting post in the ground there was a bush fire and the gum tree burnt the gum tree down after the fire was put out they both saw that there was one gum leaf left, and went to get their ladders. While they were gone the boy got the leaf and put it in his pocket.

When they both got back with their ladders they saw that the leaf was gone they searched everywhere for the leaf then they said. “The boys got it.” they both chased the boy around and around then they both had him cornered the boy took out the leaf out and played (CLICK GOES THE SHEARS) and they both got long noses.

When the boy got on the train every body looked at him the whole time.

                                             I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!




Today three people from South Africa came and showed us drums and what the drums names and showed us dances and where they played the Drums. Then they let us go up and Dance two people from our grade went up and Danced .Then they one of the people showed us how they used to play their games. Eight people went up and tried a drum and then they found that it was really hard.


Then they said that they would ask the teachers for them to come up and do a dance that was a jazz dance. It looked really funny. When the teachers sat down and they asked for the student s and teachers to come and play some Drums. When they had asked all the people to come up, the rest of us sang. 


After that they told us to stand and do our best boggy dance.




Leigh Hobbs 

Today at school Leigh Hobbs came to school and showed us how to draw old tom and watched how old tom looked before the TV show. When we drew old Tom every ones looked different. After we drew  Old Tom we drew MR.CHICKEN the wings were at the top of his head and MR.CHICKENS legs were tiny. after we drew him we got to put things on him and make him look really tied and stressed When we finished fifteen people came to the front.

After that we drew a cilender and made it in to what ever we wanted to and be I named mine devil rocker





18/8/11 Grandparents Day

  Today at school 11:30am grandparents came to school to have a look and come in and see our work we are learning about in school. Grandparents were saying that school has changed in so little of time. At 12:00pm there were performances from all of the classes. Every class did their performances from the Eastedford this year.

After the performances Mrs. Hoy said that Coles was bringing fresh fruit when we all left we could have free time and have some fruit.

It was also book week and some grandparents brought books from the book fair.

then after lunch some kids and all of the Grandparents went home.


 Bird Scrape

This chapter was about two sisters that dreamed of going to sea-gull shack and getting their dads rubies, gema said that they would tell their grandma that they were going to their friend’s house and staying there for the night. When they both told their grandma where they were not going they set off throwing bread for the sea gulls. IT was an hour untill they got to half way to where sea-gull shack was. Then when they threw bread on the ground sea gulls started to bomb them with sea-gull dung and putting it every where and all up tracys and gemas back and every where. They walked in side and clean themselves with fresh water. When they finished they look around and saw three beds three chairs and three everything. 

That night the girls went to bed at about quarter to three in the morning



 SnookleThis chapter was about two eyes in a milk bottle and a boy went to get milk bottle and saw the old lady that lives next door. He opened the the lid and out came two eyes then they could both read each others minds. The eyes name was Snookle but he didn’t say any- thing.

But Snookle did everything for the boy dress him fed him wash him even pick his nose for him. Then the boy put snookle in a bottle and gave him to the old lady that lives next door. Soon her house was fixed up and everything.



With out a shirt


This is about a boy who kept on saying with out a shirt at the end of a sentince. Then one day the boy had to give out his history talk about his great great grandfather and made up the whole thing. Then the teacher said that he would be better of by Wednesday. When he got home he saw that the mayors wife was here and she said that they had to move out of the house in two week.


In the middle of a grave yard with shovle that will be a hand full by digging up things and bringing them up to the house. The guy who was giving the house for rent said that it was the cheepist he could find and that the dog digs up any bones well you will be sorry. 


The boy went up stairs and did his history home work and while he was doing that shovle went to the beach and found some bones. Shovle came back with a human toe bone and then when the boy asked where shovle  had got the bone from. Shovle took him to the beach and then once they found what they could they took the bones back. 


When he put them in his room the bones started to form one by one soon after an hour they had made a leg. When the boy started to do his home work the leg helped him with it after 5 lines of writing he stopped and couldn’t write any more. The boy had just relised that he had found the bones of ben byron when he went to school to do his history talk. The leg had folowed him and every one in the class.


When he got home the leg went to the beach and found every bone the boy found shovle to dig them up. Once they had found all the bones the boy and shovle watched as the bones put them selve together. After that the boy felt happy so he got shovle and him self to dig a grave for him. While they were digging the hole they found the shirt thatben byron ware every day.


The skeleton put the shirt under its head and went to sleep the boy filled in the hole and said a few words.




Burke and Wills

On Wednesday the 15th of september 3-6 went to see a play at the Warrnambool Libry to see the play Burke and Wills. It was a funny version of the real thing. Beckar painted picters on the expedition he did a painting of a moth and studied on it but unfortinitly got left behind at coopers creek and died of a stumickpain.

At the end we got to see the real things that they used and some of the pitchers that beckar painted and the moth thing.



Red Haze!

In the Book people in 1965 went in to Vietnam and taking heaps of helicopters with them they went through the jungle and when they woke up they had big fat leeches on them.  When the Governments were talking the Vietnamese Government wouldn’t let people vote due in war. When they were going through the jungle they would use hand signals and whispers thumbs down ment that the enemy was close.


The Holidays!

The best most awesome thing that happened was when I went to my Nan’s house and went to the beach. When Phoebe & I went to build a sand castle and we through massive buckets of water at each other.

Then we all went on the pier for a walk, when we got to the edge of the pier William wanted to go to the toilet. so we had to go all the way back just to go to the toilet. When we got back we had a spider stick. After about an hour Mum & Dad came back with a piano in the trailer. 

                                IT WAS A LONG WAY HOME!!! 


 Strap box flyer

this chapter is about a boy an old lady and a man called Giffen he was selling a tube of glue that everyone wanted to buy a ten tube of glue. He showed that if you put a crane and a car together they don’t full apart untill four hours has passed. 

Then an old lady bought a tube of Giffens Great Glue, she thought it was great so she put up a new shelf and she put all of her china peaces on the shelf including this tiny chinese horse that had been given to her by her dad. when she went to sleep four hours later she was woken by a loud “SMASH!” The shelf had fallen to peaces and so had the little china horse too.

Then a boy called Scotte bought a tube of glue he thought he could fix his canoe with it and his dad said it could never be repaired. When scott had the glue on it dried in ten seconds. But when Scott got in to the canoe he forgot his life jacket on. When Scott got to the middle of the lake four hours had passed and the canoe slit in half and sank to the bottle then Scott yelled and screamed “HELP!” but nobody heard him. His dad called the Police and they eventually found him but he had drowned.

Giffen decided to go to Horsham so that he wouldn’t  get caught by the people who bought the glue. When he got their he had sold one hundred and twenty nine tubes of glue and got one thousand two hundred and ninty dollars in one day. After everyone had wanted the glue a short balled man had come up and said to I’m an inventer too me and you should be parenars and invent things. Giffen asked the balled  man what was his name.  He said M.R Stephen but people call me baldie. When Baldie took Giffen to a tiny cottige fool of tools Baldie said it was his home Giffen was surprised. When baldie got out the strap box flyer he had to adjust the strap on in then he put it on his rist and went up to the celling and down again. 

Giffen and flinty went out side lukilie baldie had one that was made the same way. Then giffen and baldie went in to the air and above the clouds they went so high they could see only dots that are cars an a couple of buildings then after four hours baldie said that strap box flyer was made of Giffens Great Glue. 



Skeleton on the dunny

This chapter is about a boy who had parents that died and he had to live with his aunty in horsham and had his own room and there was a massive hall way and there was a dusty spot where there was a painting the boy asked what happend to the painting that was hanging on the wall.  This is what she said I went to England to live there for two years and I left old ned to look after the house while I was gone when I came back there was no painting, and there was old ned sitting on the toilet dead. It looked like he had been there for a year.

Now the he was to scared to go to the toilet. So that night when the boy really needed to go he ran for the toilet, when he got there he left the door open but it slammed shut then the boy noticed that there were holes everywhere in the walls then he saw an eye and he could see right through the eye so he ran out of the door but he forgot to pull up his pants and he went head first on to the path and knocked a tooth out.

The next day he went to the dentist and got a false tooth it was white as snow when he went home he went for a ride on his bike the boy came back at tea time and he had tea and went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and his false on and went staight to bed and he waited untill his aunty went to bed. Then  he went out side to the toilet when he got there he closed the door and had the tooth in his hand. Then the ghost came again and the boy got scared and he went to pull his pants up and flush the toilet but dropped the tooth in the toilet. 

The next morning he wrote a letter that said he was going for a bike ride and would be back before tea. When he got closer to the sewerage farm it started to stink badder. When he got there he saw an old little cubby in the middle of a pond on some rocks the pond ws green and dead fish in it. 

there was an old little man sitting in the cubby with the door open the boy walked in  and asked did you see a tooth go through the pipes he said yes he got a basket down full of false teeth there were hundreds of them. after that he had found his tooth and went straight back home. When he got back he saw his aunty out the front it was getting dark and it was past tea time.

That night the boy really needed to go to the toilet so he went down there but he wasn’t scared at all but there was a massive storm out there and heaps of leafs were falling off the trees and sticks every where. When he got to the toilet he shut the door and the walls were shaking and wobbling side to side. Then the ghost of old ned came and was pointing at the roof the boy look up and saw nothing just a chain and a light. Then the walls of the toilet fell and the painting that had been missing was there. Old ned couldn’t go to the after life becuase he had done something wrong.  Just after the boy had picked the painting up, old ned went up into the sky untill he was out of sight. Then the boy saw old ned in the painting with the toilet door open and winking at the boy.




20/10/11       Vietnamese Restuarant

On thursday the 20th of October 2011 grades prep-six were starting their own class asian restuarant and we all invited our parents or grandparents to our asian restaurants. They were Thialand,India,Vietnam & Indonesia.

our grade 4/5 was Vietnam we made veggitarean spring rolls and crunchy noodle salad. first I went and ate in the 5/6 room with the indian foods like butter chicken and a hot carbab. It was really nice then I served in our restaurant and I served my parents.

Then I tried the food and I didn’t really like it.


 18/10/11              Portfairy Brass Family

on thursday the 18th of october 2011 we went to a brass band and they introdust them self with their instuments. then they played a song  and then they showed us how to make a noisie sound thruogh a hose and a nosle and the longer the hose is the deeper the noise is. Then they had a fight of who was going to play a fain fair with the trumpet. then we had a choice to awnser a quistion. then we went back to school.



Spooky Disco 27/10/2011

On the Thurseday the 27th of October 2011 the whole school had a spooky disco and everyone came as something different. I went as a zombie and people thourght that I was the scariest out of all of us. Mr Buck came as death Miss Hallam was dressed as a witch Miss  Mitchael came as the pincess of the darkness Mr Bartlet came as a vampire Miss O’coner came as a witch and miss lenehan came as a witch and Mrs Hoy It was fun. 

then we had a dance off first the prep boys and grade two boys went in the middle and then the other boys went in. then it was the girls turn and then everyone joined in and danced. After thatwe went in to a circle and was alowd to do

their own thing in the circle. every one won a prize. 

Then we all sat down and some of us got prizes for the scariest costumes. Then everyone went home but the grade 3/4s didn’t.



 Samba 7/11/2011

On the 7th of november 2011 the whole school went into the hall to see a preferments by a  wacky guy called steve he preferments us a drum solo a drum kit and played with different things like toilet brushes and dish mops. Then he explained about all the drums that he had. After that we had a  fantastic preferments with his help and we had made a band. We had twelve people on bongo drums then we had Geo on the drums and eleven people on the big drums and there were heaps of people on the tambourines and maracas there were also people clapping and wacking their knees.

                                 IT WAS AWSOME:)


 Lucky Lips

Marcus was embarrass and felt silly but he knocked on the door any way when he knocked nobody answered the door. Then he reliesed that some one was watching through a chink in the curtain then the door slowly opened and Ma Srichet apeared from the dust, it looked like she hadn’t opened the door in thirty years she had straw hair and dry lips and bolging eyes and make up that had never been rubbed off.

She looked at Marcus and said I know what your here for and Marcus said really she said that you are here for because none of the girls want to kiss you. Marcus said yah thats true. Ma Srichet told marcus to come up stairs with her up stairs had old TV’s and kitchen supplies ect. She told Marcus to lie down on an old couch. Then she handed marcus a tube of lip stick Marcus screamed and said I’m not wearing lip stick. Marcus said espeicialy not red lip stick, Ma Sritchet told Marcus that it was invisible lip stick to make all the girls kiss you. But remember only one kiss for each girl. Then he was out the door.

Marcus didn’t use the lip stck for a week and then he used it on a new girlin his grade that he asked out to a disco on friday. when marcus took her home he told her that he had tye up his shoe lase and slapped on the lip stick. When they both got to the gate anglar wraped her arms around marcus and kissed him anglar didn’t know what to say. Then she went in side and went to bed.

then the next victem was the most popular girl in school Fay Billings, Marcus wanted her to kiss him so the next night he said he would put on the lip stick before he got there and Fay will answer the door and Fay will kiss him. Well the next night he went there on his bike and put on the lip stick then he knocked on the door and Fay’s mum answer it and said your not one of Fay’s friends are you no but it for a school project. Then some thing happend her eyes went bolging and she put her arms around marcus’s neck and kissed him. Then she slammed the door and went to bed.

 Then Marcus went with the school to the fair it had huge rides and every thing he was partenered up with Fay Billings and her friends then they went on a ride that was the hang then after that Fay said let’s go in to the stongest man. Then Marcus said. “First I need to go to the bathroom and was my hands there dirty.” Then marcus put the lip stick on then when they went in side there was a lady who was sitting on a high chair then he looked at her and then she jumped of the chair and kissed Marcus then the man got so mad that he grabed Marcus and kicked him and he went flying in to the pig pen.Then  there was a female pig then the pig kissed and Marcus was so emmbarred and then he noticed that the pig had green teeth.


 St patricks vist

On Wednesday the 7th of December 2011 the St patricks came to our school for lunch we went out side for half an hour. After lunch got to play games, the grades got split. First we did green light red light it’s  a game where one person is in and has to turn around and say red light you have to stop then if they say green light you run and try and tage the person.

Then there was the next one kick the can people had a cone and had to try and kick a ball and try and knock somebodys elses cone.

Then we played star wars it’s a game where you line up balls on cones and then have two teams that throw the balls at each other.

Then it was time for them to go.

                                                     IT WAS A REALLY FUN DAY!


Digger J. Jones

digger is aboriginal and he goes killing rats at the meat works and he writes in a diary and made friends with his enamy and also stevie got sick most times and digger lost his brother in war and digger said that he would kill the people who killed him. and then digger went fish licken with susan and ginger and then there is a girl that digger likes, her name is sister Alley and diggers mum is pregnent. then digger is now a full citizen.

                                           THIS BOOK IS VERY SAD AND RUDE.





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