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The Venom Patrol        

 The Tiger Snake is common in Australia. The tiger snake has stripes. This book was about venomous animals and it had a lot of different things like snakes and spiders. I liked this book because it taught you about interesting animals and how dangerous they are.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in snakes and spiders. 



Wheelchair Basketball

Today I had a go in a wheelchair. We played basketball. I really enjoyed meeting Jason who was a wheelchair basketball player he had been in a motorbike crash and damaged his spine.

It was a great time.




PJ day was fun everyone dressed up in pjs. That afternoon we watched Gnomen and Juliet. It was a great movie. My favourite bit was when they drove the lawn mower through the fence.

It was a fun day . 




CFA came to teach us how fires start, like putting a over a toaster.  I learnt to stop, drop and roll when there’s a fire.

Dial 000 and tell them your address.

It was fun.


 Leigh Hobbs

On the 16/8/11 Leigh Hobbs came to school to teach us to draw Old Tom and Mr Chicken. It was fun


Grandparents Day 

On the 18/8/11 it was grandparents day. My friend came into the grade 4/5 room. We performed losing things such as an elephant  near lunch coles bran some fruit. The book fare was on  I got an alien and a poster it was fun.               


komodo dragon

the komodo dragon is the biggest lizard in the world it can small a dead animal from over 2 miles away each year the komodo dragon can grow 200 new teeth


On the holidays i went to my grandmas house i rode the motorbike on the way back i went to the skat park i stake the bike 20 times it was fun i got to have my mate Brandon come over we went sniering Brandon shot his sister in the bake of the harde  we went to my dads house we built cubby house we slid done rope Brandon fall and landed on his stumic




On  the 20th i sorvd and eat i went nextdoor the hadspisiy food i loved it i made

spring rolls i got to have my foto taken i had a lote of fun i drank 18 cups of

worter it was fun

__________ ________________________________________________________

On the14/10/11 theschool went to port fary to hire the brast insromans thay played the simsons


Spoke disco 

at the spooky people dast up as vandpiyers gost fank zombies wichers granreper

we hord patey rock and shand pan sawer it was fun i was the brake dansing

i dirt the worms and the bee sting and span in a sorkel



On the 7 of a giy colld steve came to school amd played the drums with tolet biushes drum stet and his kit  he has a funny he was being dum and stuped and waki wird the giy let us play instrmes he was nise and i had a good time


hot cars

ford gt a fast car good for rasing 

striped gt very fast car slids good  it speeds good and loves fling arond corners

ST PATS come to have lunch wich the school and play we played red light green how to play red light green is a grow up vcosen of wat is the time mr wolf  kick the can you have got to noke  some ones cone over  star wars  you have got to hit people with balls and  get i hat to touch tham them be back in i had a good day


daved was giving rose a chans to be class carten daved killed the class cat bec fort mr mcffery was berin a dead giy in his frunt guden

unhelpfull helpfull nise notnise smart  i love  the book because is like teching how to be nise and not

filins unhalpfull




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