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14 thoughts on “Integrated Studies

  1. its amazing how all neds weapons,face mask to proteded him and his body suit (Not rusted).
    ned did a sport (hop step and jump)outside his house (when teenage and drinking )
    ned and mates of his drank at mcdonalds pub when they werent on the RUN. the kellys were found and got sprange because they were trapped in ann jons pub and had no where to run.but they were hurt.ned in his arm and foot and stoache.

  2. some people think that he is good and some think he is bad.
    when ned was 15 he was sent to jail.
    how did the shop get bort.

  3. ned wore a shash that was worn under his armer and was staided with neds blood.
    when ned was 15 he was sent to jail, for steeling horses.
    it has been 120 yeas since his walked these gounds.
    ned was woned in the arm and leg.

  4. some people think that he is a good guy and some people think that he is bad.
    why was the shop bornt down?
    was he good or bad?
    he stoll to sorport his family.
    i did not know that he was in books.
    where was it?

  5. It has been 150 years that ned kelly has walked these grouds with is gang.
    Ned always wore a sash under his armer from saving someone and it was stained with his blood.
    at the age of 15 he was sent to jail for stilling horse for 3 years.

  6. ned kelly made a home helmented ned kelly was a horo he is a good guy ned stole
    horses.ned kelly mum thorw in jail ned kelly shoot 3 police men

  7. Ned saved a little boy from drowning and got rewarded with a silk green sash. Ned went to jail when he was 15 and he got out when he was 19.
    Does Ned kelly have relitives that are alive?Was he a hero or a villian?

  8. ■Interesting things. when Ned kelly was a kid he wore a skarff that was staned with his blood.

    ■New things that you have learned. At the digging site they found bulitts. Ned stoll horses. At fivteen he was put in jail. After he was out of jail he stoll horses again. They had to have a paddock about a 100 mils to keep the horses in, and they had to re-brand the horses and then sale them and bye them again.

    ■Any questions that you have. Was he a good or a bad guy? Was he a heoro or a vilen? dose he have any rallitvs alive?

    ■Any other notes.

  9. ned kelly out law ned kelly made his own helement lots of people say diffriend thing obout ned kelly like his a hero killer and lots of other things a man started 60 years a go when he was ten and the man thourght he will find out the truth hotel burnt then re built going to put a trench to find out more then take top layer of dirt dip in ground were flour bords man said kelly champion of the week he has a green sash it is staned of bold dad died of been drunk find a bullet when it is raining they find more bullets have found 2 diffrint types of bullets was he a good or bad guy i think inbeteween 1869 to of with a nother bush rangr harry harry was a great horse man they moved out side the law ned started stiling horse found coins bottels and jellewery diffirent things started to end a bit ugly ned and dan kellyy make a run hide in wood police after him 4 police surch for kelly boys boys angry mum sent to jail kellys killed 3 police 1 surived kelly thourgt 3 police aftre him but 13 police were after him 4 irish man kelly said ill show you what 1 naviteve can do

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