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Welcome to Hamish’s blog page

On this page you’ll see my reflexions, book reviews, and other stuff I enjoy… hi my name is Hamish and I like making cardboard guns the Colt defender and the Colt M1911.

Oh, and I like to sing and dance and rap



Wheelchair Basketball           

Today we hade a go of wheelchair basketball and we raced,  then had a good game of basketball in a wheelchair.

We met Jason who played Wheelchair Basketball with us. He was in a wheelchair because of a motorbike crash, and had a lot of injuries. 


28-july-2011   PJ DAY                                   

Yesterday we had pj day and I got in old pj’s and dressed as Harry Potter.

We watched Gnomeo and Juliet and ate popcorn . I brought home uncooked popcorn. We had art and made Japanese fan’s



4 Augu$t 2011           

Yesterday the grade 4/5’s went to the C.F.A. and the people taught us how to get out of a house fire. Stop drop and roll um and get low and go-go go

They told us to crawl out of the bus but everyone stood up at the door when they got there. I finally got out to the male box I made a funny joke. It was funny. and when it was home time the boy’s got to go home first and my family hade to cross the road twice. before that the man told us to stop drop and roll.


   @frican Drumming   

Well yesterday we hade three african people

come over to our school and played the drums

rally rally fast like rally fast… and they are selling african 

Playstation… um oh and it was funny as. funny ok funny.

and they said “we have been together for ten years now”

and they have been drumming for twenty years and i asked

”doss this give you mony” they said ”it our full-time job”

I said ”oh” then sat down um that is all for yesterday

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ April con$pir@cy 365                              

this book was about a guy named Cal and his sister is in hospital

and the doctor was going to turn her life seaport off and he was charing to

stop hes mum turning her off so he  tried and tried but his mum

wont listen to him and she has been in a coma for tow months now and they wont give her end more time to live.

I recon this book would be a good for people how like spy like books and stuff like that and there is a new one called revenge conspiracy 365


con$piracy 365 July

this book was about cal being buried alive but he can not move in the end

he was talking about some death thing

I recon people ho like spy and books conceded together wold like this book   



well yesterday we hade a book other and he tort us how to draw old tom 

and mr chicken it was funny and he tort us how to draw our own character  

it was fun FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


18 of Augu$t 2011

today (for once) we hade our grandparents come over and watch us have a concert and hade lunch with us… and it wasnt fun for me because none of them came for me,.. 


$wamp TIGERS 2-8-2011                                            

this book is about saving bengal TIGERS and it hade questions on the back and it said that

the mail TIGERS kills its cubs poor cubs but the mother protect them there youse to be 100,000 

TIGERS is only 4,000 TIGERS  world but now the guvement has banned killing tigers and all aether products that inclood tigers so now there trying to breed this tiger oh and (I like tigers) what I recon this book would be good for people who like tigers and that are cat lovers would like swamp TIGERS



this book is about lizards and it had the one and only big lizard in the world the

KOMODO DRAGON  see the komodo dragon is found every were

i recon this book would be good for hunters and for people who need help 

with there

pet LIZARDS…..    


Burke and w!lls 

the day before yesterday we went to a Burke and wills thing and we um got to see stuff we s or a plat with their names on it and we sor a and the best PART wills’ pistol he heeeee and we sort a boring pitcher of a Beka panting



red haze is about the Vietnam war and Chu chi flow a war jet throw America and bombed australia and they drove more than 4 tanks into hoi an and a australian solder faced his death for 4 hours and the book had a really cool trench and and Hamish just slow down ok a o…k


  Hol!day Po$t                                                            

on the holiday I went to my dads and made paper ninja stars and lost them so I went on the computer and played minecraft and made a home to live in and chopped a  creeper it killed a Alderman got five bet spiders and they diapered and found a mob sporner and went in a dungeon and found gold and Dimond. went home than went to my  and plade minecraft there and got a `petpigman and than I found a bunch of pigs stuck in a hole and charged them in there um went home hade to get of so I disided to play with a bucket of worter and got myself wet and I had no aether pants then them then seths friend came over and sead “I want to see Seth ” and then Seth downlowded a texcher pack for Royden then he did it agen but with the Mario one he was building a monster trap when we both heard a sssssss sound and then boom a creeper blow it up and he hade to replace it with cobblestone and billed it again and we wer listening to the sound of a zombie dying Kish Kish krrrrrrrr then he got a pet spider and killed it and I made my house into a mention to story hell yer    ______________________________________________________________________


yesterday we made a restoring with Vietnamese food. there was yucky spring rolls and dillishus crunchy noodles with sweet chilli sauce sam drank his sweet chilli sauce it was funny as and I went to me Bros restaurant and had some hot chilli all over it and the only hot thing in our restaurant was the sweet chilli not hot chilli sweet chilli hey look at me don’t walk away good now listen when I went to me Bros good referent I had 10 pieces of banana bread.


mu$!c fe$tival

on friday we had a um music festival and it was halerariass will went up and held something and conduced the music and the guy with the biggest trumpet did the lowest note and it sounded like a massive  fart it ha haha was funny as brose and branded went up and held a rope and put it nere his butt and it looked like he did a f fart hahahaaa what was that I dunno haha what was I oh that it yep



On the holiday I went to the pet shop to look at geckos but they didn’t have ene they only sold blue tunes but they didn’t have ene and then I looked around and I found a Gala and it could talk and they had lots of Cocktail it was funny then I got some stuff four the spooky disco i got a cap a cape a suite that DOSNT FIT ME i mean real four sets os fake blood On Sunday I plade in the sprinklers played tarearia and absently spowndthe eye of Ka tho lo funny word ka tho lo ha found a pouple ilend and spend a joint worms and got slain like 5 times then finely killed it  it was annoying I mean there was like for of them After that I put on my costume and it looked ASME … then i played minecraft and sor the dragon empire with herobrion on it and then I watched mine day and friday Friday friday got to get down on friday ore or mimineday got to get digging on mineday everyone’s digging for the diamonds diamonds sorry it was prity cool then I sor the mincraft film clip to Sexy And I Know It



this book was about all different lizards and anther stuff like crock and lizards and tertls and snakes it had all the info and were thay live how to keep them if you needed a zoo licence to keep them or if not um it had geckos skinks monsters KOMODO DRAGONs the most smallest snake the thread snake the ANACONDA the spotted python comileans and I now about this snake when I was only 6 the one and only astalies most darndest snake the T!P@N

i recon this book was good for me coz it had a lot of ifomashon that told me about reptiles cool.


spooky d!$co 

last night we had a sleep over at a spooky disco  every one was drest in asewm costume when I got there they looked at me and tried to stab me fake blood tasted hored


$leep over

the day after the spooky disco we court some zees  at school and before bed we watched hocus pocus and at the end the witches made a zombie come and it name was billy. billy betrays the witches and he curst at them and it was morning and billy had to go back to his cofen  in the morning we had YOGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM  and toast and vegdy mite and we wacht RIO  and drank hot CHOCLET .  __________________________________________________________________________________

mon$ters,be@sts and dr@gons

this book was about all the myths and legons it had pitchers of crocodile headed lion a range snakes an emperor dragon a hell like clincher it had were wolf’s and silver bullets


$ent Pats

yesterday we had the saint pats kids come to our school for a play and it was fun. 

Grade 3-6 came we were in teams with them I plade nothing because I only played two games so I can’t really do anything two  there were 5 games and I played tow I played star wars and red light green light it was fun 

I didn’t like it because I didn’t do anything with them.


                                                     digger j. jones

this book was about a ten-year old going throw life as a nomle kid and it is an  australian book he is keeping a diary about the things that mater to his life

I recon this book was good, gros, funny, rood, and races



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