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                     AND OTHER THINGS:).

                     GRADE: 4.


                     PETS: THREE DOGS, TWO FISH AND ONE CAT.




                                      Alis top secret diary 
Someone has stolen Alis socks, so she goes and tells her mum and says ”Mum, my socks have been stolen.” And so her mum said, ”that’s why you have to clean your room.” But she didn’t. She just went off to find how her socks were stolen . She decided to clean her room when she is finished she looks behind her draws and found her socks. ________________________________________________________________________

                                            Wheelchair Basketball 

On the 4th of Aug 2011, Jason who is in a wheelchair came to our school.

He told us how he got injured and why he needs a wheelchair. He was riding on his motorbike in the bush, there was a tree that had fallen down and he didn’t see it, he hit his belly first really badly. When the 3/4s went out we had to get into groups of three. In my group with me were Rachael and Kara.

First we did relay races, we went forward then we went backwards it was really fun. When we finished relay races we played basketball I was the orange team. We won by 6. I wouldn’t want to be in a wheelchair all my life, because you will miss out on all the good stuff that you will won’t be able to do in the future. Things would be difficult like going up stairs.


A friend for Old Tom

Angela Throgmorton is a tidy person.                                She likes everything neat and tidy, but when old tom comes along he messes up everything. He doesn’t help tidy up after himself, his room is always messy and Angela has to clean it up. When old tom was by himself, he had no home or name. When it was cold he had no shelter and when it was sunny he had no shade. He found Angela’s house and he thought that he would fit in well with her. When Angela was out of the house old tom was trying to make Angela feel sorry for him, but Angela didn’t notice him. When Angela went inside got the washing basket and he gets comfortable and knocks on the door and Angela finds him in the basket and falls in love with him.

This book was just right for me and I liked it too. I liked how Leigh Hobbs has told us how Angela and old tom got to meet each other.  Leigh Hobbs also told us how old tom has coped before he meet Angela. Old Tom had to cop with cold weather and hot. He had no shelter or name he even had no delicious food to eat.


African drumming

On Tuesday the 9th of the 8th we went in the hall and people from Ghana in Africa came and played instruments. We got to get up if they chose you and we had to copy them. There was lots of instrument’s and some people got to use them.

It was so fun, everyone was laughing. _____________________________________________________________

                             BOOK REVIEW: POOL PALS,

What type of book is this?

This book was fiction. It would be good for in plays and you can read it with three people because most of it is characters talking.

Who do you think it was written for?

I reckon this book was written for people 7 to 10 because it has words that are good to practise with and it is a story that they will enjoy about two girls.

This book was just right because it was at my level.

What was it about?

This book was about two girls that are best friends and there names are Jules and Rosa. Jules and Rosa have a school swimming carnival, but Jules has lost her lucky anklet and she thinks that she will not be able to do anything good without it. Rosa came second in the swimming race. When it was time for Jules to line up she forgot about her anklet. She thort to her self that a crocodile was chasing her and wun the race.

What main messages was the author was trying to get across?

I think that the aorther was trying to say that you don’t always have to have a lucky ancket. You just need to try tour best.


It was the 18th of the 8 we had Grandparents day. A lot of people came. people showed them there work too. it was also book fair so some people bort some books. Mum, Leeyn, nana,and pa came. mum bort some books I got one book it was cooled “diary of a wimpy kid do it your self book”  this day was great.



                                      BURKE AND WILLS

On the 14 of September 2011, 3 to 6 want too Burke and Wills expertion. there were this that yous to be burke and Wills and burke. there was a gun, two leters and to prches that Beker drow. Two people did a play about beker and how she died form luffing so much and tacking tablets. it was funny and sad. but i like it.


my holidays

It was 4:00 in the morning. It was an early start but it was worth it. We had to go first so we could drop of mum Angus and Leeyn off at the train station. Joel, Indi and I went in the car to Mallbon.

when we got to mallborn we what’ed for the others. when they got there we got our tickets and dropped our bags. we got some lunch then we got on the plan. it was a loning trip but it was fun. when we got there we got our bags then hired a taxsy to go to our hotall.

Our hotall was nice, we were in room 30. Angus was sick the hole time wich wasn’t good so he had to go start to bed. jole and I got sume movie’s. evry one had an erly night.

Friday 30 of the 9 2011

it was the next day i woke up and did all my jobs today we went to sathe bank. we had a swim had lunch. i bort my salfe onw shorts tow. when we got bake to the hotall i had a nuther swimm in the pool at the hotall. for tae we had dilesh indeu. it was time to go to bed so good by and see you tomorow.

The next day we did a lot of waking we court the train to the main city   _______________________________________________________________ 

                                 Vietnamese restaurant 

On the 20 of october 2011 prep to sixes invited people to our school we had a restaurant at school there were lots of different foods that you could eat. 4/5s had a Vietnamese restaurant we cooked rice paper rolls and crunchy vegetables it was very nice. i served and eat i eat in grad 5/6s and then served  in our class then i eat in there too.


                                           port fairy spring music festival

on the 14th of october 3s to 6s went to the port fairy spring music festival to see five people play some brass interments. there was two girls and three boys. they played different music like the simeson and the saint killder thaem song. I went up the front and insruced the people that were playing the interments. it was funny. i had a good time there. it was fun.


                                                                   spoky disco

the grad prep too 6 had a spicy disco. you had to dress up as something or someone. i dressed up as something spoky. There were chips lolliys and drink’s. ____________________________________________  

               diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules

Greg has a diary to rights in. he rights what he duos and why he did it too. If Rodrick gets his hands on it he will ties him for the rest of his life. he doesn’t want Rodrick to read it because it has some of his secrets in it.  




On the 7-11-11 a person culled Steve. He played the drums with a lot of tools like toylet brushes, thous fly waker things,and a lot of others. 


                                                   st patrick day

 on the 7th/12/11 st pats came to our school. we all satin two rooms and had lunch.   

  When  were finished we went out side to play some games. everyone got three games the four’s played red light green light first then kick the cane second and the larst game was star wars. 

it was time to go so we said good by.

I had a grat time i hope we can do it a gean



when the first class captain got announced he was leaving so thay had to fined a now one.  


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