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Book review

Golf legends

Golf legends is about 2 best friends called Billy and sam. sam took he’s dad’s golf klubs.they thort that they were golf legends.sam sned that he was tiger wood’s and



Today I played wheelchair basketball. The guy showed us a lot of tricks that you can do with a wheelchair. wheelchair basketball was cool as. I got 1 goal I had a lot of fun.



Today I went to Murray golben.I lhent a lot of thing’s abate  Marry Goalbarn.I live on a dairy fame and mary golden get’s the milk. I had fun.



Leigh Hobbs is the author of old tom and mr chicken goes to Paris. on Tuesday  Leigh Hobbs came to own school to show us how to draw old tom and mr chekn.i had a lot of fun



On Thursday it was grandparents day and everyone’s grandparents came to our school.the grandparents had a lot of fun and the prep to 6 performed. Coles delivered some fruit for the grandparent. It was fun.




The pekeeseffalowsawrus uses it’s hard he’d to fit arter dinosaur’s. there hard he’d is mad owd of bowns.the pakeeseffalowsawrus lived about 70 million years ago.pakeeseffalowsawrus was discovered in 1940 by william winkey.



Big cats

Pet cats are not that different to cats in the willd.there the same as a pet cat but bigger and srogere.big cats do a lot of hunting and they can track don a dere. I recommend this book to the kids that like big cats.



Burke and wills

On weekday 3/6 went to the Burke and wills expedition .




On the holidays Wilson came over. it was fun because it was Wilsons first time at my houses. Wilson went on a tor of the howes.it was in to the fun for Wilson and I.wilson and I mad a rafted owt of tow drums and a bared.we wend down the panic were a swoop was.there was a swans nesting in it.wilson got on the rarfed.I got on the raft  and it said to sink so I got of the raft and I stand to posh the rarfth.the whardere came up to my balley.wilson’s mum came and pick hem up.

Week 2

It was the west day it was raining and it was cooled. i that to my



On monday the 8/11/11 a man called steve came to our school  he was a crazy and he did a promises on samba. steve played the drums with all divine coined’s of


Do-wrong Ron

he’s do-wrong ron who does the wrong things atthe wrong time or the right things at the wrong time or the wrong things at the right time…unti he finds charlie

the guinea pig woh look’s like an oversized rat and they meet isabelle who is waiting for something ,anything, to happen…

and when ron plan’s a musical welcome for isabelle’s nana, anything just might happen. poet steven herrick tells a funny,touching story about a do-wrong boy whose heart is in the right place.


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