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  my favorite sport is cricket and foot ball and my favorite move is looneytous  road runner and bugs buny a rabbit and wild,e ciote and I hope you fun on my blog page im im to you



Wheelchair Basketball

My favourite part of wheelchair basketball was playing the forward and backward race in the yellow wheelchair and I like to do it again and again. I liked packing up the wheelchairs and putting the wheels in the trailer.


 28 -7- 2011

pj day 


on pj day we watched Gomeo and  juliet move it was amazing and the dungre red  gome was absoley funny and made of extra super surgeon conceit  and he was super  likely not to get crashed by stones and he saved Gomez’s and Juliet’s life and they all be came friend’s and  the  flower gome got smashed  and they rebelit him with glue and he was again and he said sorry to ben and Gomeo and juliet and to evene and sayed were happy about it and he did the moon walk and  did hip hop


2-8-2O11 MurryGolbren

today the grade five’s and went in the milk factory and were ears hats and a coat we looked at robots and computers and the water room the boiler  exorst and powder and it was smelly and disgusting and then we all went back to the school I kept my coat and I ate gluten free sages and a  chocolate milk drink and the other schools went home so did I to




Alex rider skeleton key Anthony Horowitz

summary the book was amazing with high teck gagets and a newklerbom and lots   and  more details on other books on Alex rider  and the dark said of  Anthony Horowitz.


29-8-2011 doxa camp 

 on the day of camp we took a train to Melbourne and we all went to the zoo I had a helper her name was jane I took lots of pitchers on my camara and at the Melbourne shrine the old Melbourne jail I got my mum a suvner cup and a rubber for me and a blow up boxing kangaroo for my sitter and my dad a blue  smuggle torch the range of the other colors were black and green and blue and pink and purple. 



at the zoo I took lots of pitchers on my camera the penguins  the paris the peacock and the seal and the hippos

Melbourne day servus was great and the canon went fo with a big bang and the old Melbourne jail was history back in  the olden days were need Kelly was hanged  and the Melbourne shrine was histroekle of people who went to war and miergrcenter where the people imaged to australia on the final day of doxa camp we went to Vic market I got a pitcher of nick revolt a Santkildar player then we took the train to Geelong were track works were and instead we took the bus home to the train station were we were all picked up and went home the end by Daniel.



on Wednesday we went to the warrabull library for the Burke and wills expedition the play was funny and wills pistol gun was astonishing the notes I couldn’t read them and the actors were very funny.


11-8-2011 Digger jones

the book was amazing and about Vietnam war  and  the said nice bits of the war and surface of paul in the Vietnam war  the end by Daniel.



on the holidays I went fishing  with Kalb and mum and sitter at port fairy we court bait and then we went fishing at the gray post mum  court a sting ray and the rood was kalbs then I court one and lost it and we fished all day  and I court one baby flat head fish .

And the was sunny than wet and we all went home with nothing and I was sorter sad and happy the end by Daniel



Vietnam restaurant

on tirstday we had to serve people Vietnam spring rolls and crunchy sailed with sweet chili souse wich was to sweat for me it tasted all full and play was fun and I felt great and the weather was hot the end by Daniel.



portfary musical festfull  

And the theater was same than last year and it was the same actors the same names and the same thing and they did messengers by music and they had a farmers horn that is old at the end he played music from something I answered the Simpsons the end by Daniel.


27-10-2011 The Spokey Diskgo

on a thursday nigh we had a spokey disco we had a dance of and everyone won and I didn’t get picked costume prize and it was fun and it was cold and then hot I had there drinks of cordeil and my favorite songs were played party rock anthem and sampan showers were my favorite songs it was sweaty and exiting and hot than cold than freezing because of the wind and I had akin feet the end by Daniel. 


on Tuesday we had a const with a funny man and he told as about the sambar drum and taping sticks and we played bobs your uncle  I played a cow bell and tried to be a drummer with the cow bell and the weather was stormy and freaky and.  I thort it was a tornado and im going to get a drum kit for christmas the end by Daniel


16-11-2011 kangar 8s criet

on Tuesday the grad five to sixes and fours went waters oval we were separated into groups one group went read ovil  the others stayed at wolters ovil  group two v,s hour lady health christen school we lost then lost a angst hkstile and lost to portfarey consolidated then koroit  v,s Emanuel  for a spot in the finals and lost and we all had a good time the end by Daniel. 


 bike camp 1-12-2011

the three to six’s went on a camp to portfairy consolidated we ride are bikes on the rail trail and we ride in single’s and doubles and when we all got there we got matrices and set up are stuff and then free time after tea we went into are sleeping bags then watched a move called Rio then mister buck snored all night and in the morning we had breast  and then the big bike ride back and I was tired and I got leg cramps and I was so tired I nearly slept in all day except Emily she work me up and I was grumpy all day the end by Daniel.  



     on Tuesday the koroit Stant pats come over and we did atveds in grads grades fives did kick the cone and then death or glory and red light and green light and then the koroit Stant pats left ower school and then back to are  class rooms and then home time  and I was so tiered and sleepy the end by Daniel.


12-12-2011 Cairo jim on the trail to chicha mucho’s 


summrey   the was anvencher throu jungle and a help from a macorw and found the lost city of dancers and discovered the city was on hocky coke motion and with friends and transports by back and by camel and at the start they flew by plane to the bottom of hoky coke mountern were the jerneny stared and the chareters were bone mis del tempo doles and Cairo jim,


14-12-2011 promises

summary the book stared in a class were luke firth was class captain until he had to move and his p was up for grabs and rose friend nominated her for class captain  then beck nominated David mermen Baxter  and David excepted it then a change debate with rose’s gang of g’s and David gave up and  luke firth take the stand and everyone was stunted and shocked that David mermen Baxter back out or went chicken or he was lying  about the promises he made or he was lying from the start and no one knew about it until the end of the book every one were goner give him pay back for wot he did the end by Daniel.



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