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On my blog you will find: Book review’s, things I like and dislike and reflections.

NAME: Cora Russell                  

AGE: 10                                                  

PET’S: 1 cat (Holly) 4 chickens (Chocolate, Jay, Solo and Cupcake)

FAVOURITE FOODS: Dim Sims with soy, Ice-cream cake and Roast chicken:)

WORST FAVOURITE FOODS: Apple pie, Pumpkin and Salmon:(



Wheel chair basketball      

Last term a man in a wheel chair called Jason came to teach us how to play wheelchair basketball. all the classes went out at diffrent times. My class came after lunch. It was very scary because I did’t want to fall over.   


Burke and will’s perfomance and artifact’s   

The grade 3,4, 5 and 6’s went to warnnambool libary to see a perfomance about the expodion.

The performance

The performance was funnhy and very creative. I liked the part when they got racheal up and they made her do a funny dance.

The artifact’s

The artifact’s were very cool, there was a camel (that they would of taken on the expodition), Will’s old gun and lot’s more but I’ve fogotton.


Book review   25.10.11

They came on viking ships             

Hekga is a girl who lives on an island were the vikings are. One day she goes down to the beach and she sees a dog getting attacked by a seagull and then she helps the puppy. Then goe’s to a with called tinka and she says that his name is Snafarri . Snarf had serious injuries they were leg coming of and his tummy was all bleeding and red. When she is back all the girls in the village have to go up on the mountain for a few days and milk the cows.

When they get up there a few days later of milking, making cheese and other dairy products hekga spots a viking ship coming to the shore. So she runs inside and tells the other girls.The vikings get to the village and they kill almost everybody: Hekga’s ma, Bran, the chief, the chiefs wife and everybody in the village. but not the girls up on the hill. The viking’s capture Hekga and Snarf. Then they came to an island that was practiclly ice say’s Hekga. They set up camp the and had a big feast to celebrate.  saldy after they come finnbogi died and they have a traditional burrel seremony for him.  


Book review        

Diary of a wimpy kid

Greg heffley is a kid in middle school.

 On the day that the first day of middle school. His brother Rodrick woke him up at 3:00 am in the morning. The first day of school is pretty bad. He saw kids getting shoved into and on lockers, he heard book’s droping and lot’s more crazy things.

 His home teacher said that these are the seat’s your sitting in for the rest of the year so chose wisley.

 At lunch Rowley,Fregley and him had sit on the floor.

Soon halloween came and everybody in the neboihood went ‘Trick or treating’ 



On the holidays I went to Queensland with Mum, Dad and Faith. the first day was really long because we had tto go to Yass which is behind Canberra. When we got there faith and I ran into our room in the front. We had a plasma T.V and a double and single bed. I think we had mum and dad’s room because they had a tiny old fashiond T.V.

The next day we headed to


Vietnamese restaurant  20.10.11         

on the 20.10.11 the whole school ahd to make a asian restaurant. Our class made a Vietnamsese restaurant. Our two dishes were: rice paper rolls and chunky salad with glass noodles. I did’t like the salad with the noodles, but the rice paper rolls were YUMMY!!!!

We all could invite a relitive or a friend to come and try our dishes. I invited my dad, nana and grandad. And they said that it was all nice:) when Rose and I had fineshed serving we went next door and then had a try of there food. the grade 5/6’s food was very nice and hot because they had a indain restaurant.

Spooky disco 27.10.11

On the 27.10.11 the school had a spooky disco. I dressed up as a vampire and I had, A black cape on with a white, purple and black dress, I was wearing my black highheel boots. I had loads of makeup on and red facepaint on to look like blood! The hall was all spooked up with glow in the dark skeleton, pumpkin and spiderweb’s. All songs that were on I knew my favourite was… all the them! Miss Mitchell came around with bowls of  chips, party mix and lollie snakes. The grade 3’s & 4’s got to have sleepover. It was the best disco ever!!!! 


The big samba   7.11.11       

On the 7.11.11 the school had a show. The man’s name was Steve and he was very pecliar and off the wall and he lanched the show off with a druming bit., He used all diffrent wacky tool’s to play like toliet brushes and fly smash’s  . he was very funny. later on we got to get  to play an insument. I was picked the egyptian drum. At the end we all had a big jam and then he left. I really enjoyed it and hope he come’s again next year!


  The pink bow tie 8.11.11     

A boy has been sent up to the mean and very old principals office for dying his hair. The principal was a good explonation.

So the boy said it all started on the train coming home from school he said. There was a kind old lady, a smoking man and and a very men old man and the train conducter coming to collect the ticket’s.

The smoking man found a machine on the ground the conducter said “stop smoking your to young!” but before our eye’s he picked up the little machine and BOOM! He turn’s into a twenty five year old, The train conducter run’s away and he start’s to smoke again.

Then the old lady pick’s up the machine and turn’s the knob and KAZAM! She turn’s into a sixteen year old girl and hop’s the train as the train stop’s.

 The boy pick’s up the and the mean old man snatched it out of his hand’s the man turn’s the knob hoping it will work and the BAM! He does not stop and sixteen he goe’s to thirty he goes past eighty and turn’s into a pile of bone’s right in front of his eye’s.

 So that is the story he say’s. The boy get’s the age’o’meter out of his bag. ‘Dismissed’ the princpal say’s.

 The nexted day he come’s back and think’s where would the front desk lady want to date a guy with a pink bow tie?


One shot toothpaste 18.11.11     

Antonio went to the dentist to get a filling.The dentist was a friendly man. He told a story and it goe’s like this…

When he was little he liked looking threw garbage bin’s so after and before school he would look in them.

His neighbor was called ‘Monty’ and he was very mean and weird. his bin’s where the weidiest they had lot’s and lot’s of toothpaste tubes in them, with the words ‘one shot toothpaste’. in the middle of his mouth was a fusty rotten tooth. the dentist walked in and saw all the animals you could think of there was: kanngaroos, cats,dogs and birds and they all had glowing teeth. then suddenley the dentist saw a black figure in the dark… it was Monty!

Well then, are you my next tester for the greatest invetion yet: ‘One shot toothpaste?’ ‘no!’ then Monty tackled him to the ground and got a toothbrush and toothpaste. then i quickley rolled over and i squited it all over him. some got on his tooth, it started to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. then it was so big that Monty poped! 

When Antionio’s filling was done, he walked out and looked up at the white tooth. A little bit of paint fell of and he saw the fusty green tooth.


book review

Snookle 28.11.11        

A boy went out to get the daily milk. One of the bottle’s had no milk in it, instead it had two little eye’s in it. He went inside and looked at it closley, he opened the lid and then this little creature hoped out then… then the boy was feeling hungry he went to the pantry but as fast as light Snookle bet him there. he chucked out some cornflakes and  a bowl. when he was fineshed he went to his room to go and get dressed. he wanted to wear his skinny jean’s so he ran to his closet, but he got betten agian Snookle threw pant’s, a t-shirt and even some underwear out. then Snookle went and got him changed. mrs.mknee always needed help so then he.



St Pat’s

On the 7.12.11 St Pat’s came to our school for lunch and some fun games.

First we had lunch,I had a chicken chilli tender wrap and a chocolate nippy’s milk and they where yummy! \Then we went outside to play game’s.

Our fist game was called ‘kick the can’ you had to kick people’s cone’s over with soccor ball’s and it was not fun.

The second game was ‘death of glory’ you had to either throw the vortex, kick the footy or kick the soccor ball. It was very fun but i epiced failed on all my games.

Then the last game was my favourite it was called ‘red light, green light’ it’s just like ‘crep up’ you had to run to the traffic light person when they said green light and when they said red light you had to stop and if you moved you are out.

We all came back to the ashfelt and the St Pats kids left.

I had a fantastic day!


14.12.11 book review:


Digger is aboriganal and wants the right to vote and be a citezen. This book is based when he is in his primary school, bullying and writing in a diary.

This book is about his life, piffing yonies at the meatworks, fighting with darcy the bully,his brother Paulie dying in the vietnam war, Darcy the bully and him becoming friends and really about everything to do with the aboriginal referendum in the 60’s.

Richard.j.frankland has put alot of feeling into the main character, Digger and most of the others.

I really enjoyed this book and it is probaly the most intreting book that I have read!

I recomend this book to people that like reading challenges.



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