Grade 5/6 Canberra Camp

Old Parliament House

The first day we went to Old Parliament house. We got split into two groups and we got a tour guide. First we had to put on gloves then we went to do quizzes. We had a group of three and then we went off to a screen and we choose a picture and a subject and we did all the questions and we went around finding information. We went to an old parliament place where they used to do the sittings and we got to sit on the couches and Phoebe dressed up as a lady that made an argument about the chair staying in old parliament house.  Then we met back on the bus to go to New Parliament House.


New Parliament House

To get into New Parliament House we had to go through metal detectors. We went into a room where we got to pretend we were in a sitting. Next we went to the house of representatives where we got to look down at where they do the sitting and then we went to the senate where we sat down and listened to our tour guide speak and we also saw the TV camera’s which was cool and they were big. And then the roof and it was really cold and windy and there was a giant flag and a skylight we could also see the war memorial and Anzac parade.  After we finished the tour Mr. Buck and I sore John Brumby.

Electoral office

At the electoral office we watched a movie about voting and how it grew in the years. After the movie we got into groups and did some activities.

High Court

We went into court room one two and three and learnt about them. We saw a picture of Australia’s first prime minister. We also saw a miniature sculpture of the High Court. The high court is seven storys high.

Art Gallery

We saw all the paintings and sculptures in the gallery. We also saw blue poles one of the most famous paintings in the gallery. The art gallery is Australia’s biggest art gallery.






We went to the museum and got into our groups and went around the museum into each different places that where very interesting.








Questacon science place where we got to go on rides and we got to learn about science in a fun and interesting way. One of the funnest things was the giant drop slide. It was a verticle slide that was scary but fun. You would get into a suit that said Questacon on it and you went up some stairs and waited. Then when it was your turn you climbed over a mini wall and grabed onto a bar. Then the man said lean forward and then your hanging in mind air and then he counted back from 3 and then he said let go! There was also a really good fake roller coaster that you hoped into and then the simulator wold start and you wold rock and roll and tumble in your seats and then fianally get out.

Australian institute of sport

We got to do fun activities to do with sport. We also met two athletes and they guided us through our tour. we also got to see the trainers train the atlets.then we saw the gymnam and saw what the gymnast train on. The swimming pools were huge

Telstra Tower

On Tuesday night we had gone to the Telstra Tower and sore a GREAT view of Canberra and the height was 350 meters high.




On wedensday Hawkesdale and Koroit primary school went bowling. When we got there our teachers put us into groups of 5 we where there from 8 oclock and got back at 11 oclock it was really fun. When we got back to our cabins we had to get in our pjs and go to bed.


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