My name is Brayden



Likes: Skateboards, white chocolate and tigers.

Pets: Dog Milo.



Wheelchair Basketball

Today we did the wheel talk we raced in wheelchairs and played basketball in wheelchairs. It is really fun. Sam, Jay and I played in the wheelchair race and basketball.

It was ran by a man called Jason who is in a wheelchair because of his motorbike crash. He plays all kinds of sports and even ski’s!

It was a fantastic day.



Over The Hedge Book review

Over the hedge is about little woodland creatures and they just woke from hibernation. They seen this medium sized raccoon(RJ),  he went to steal the hibernation food from a seven-foot tall bear(Vincent), there were a pack of chips in his hands RJ had to get them and he did. He took them quietly then he stood on a branch and woke Vincent up and went to get RJ and kill him and he made RJ bump into the wagon full of  food and went down the hill and on to the road and got run over by a car and then the bear Vincent said that he had to get every ting that got run over by the car and in the end he get every thing that the bear vincent told him to .the end

 this book is average.  



PJ Day

On PJ day we watched Gnomeo & Juliet and we had popcorn. On PJ day people dressed up in PJ’s and my favourite bit in the movie was when they found the Pink flamingo Feather Stone.

It was a fantastic day.



On Wednesday the grade 4/5 went to the CFA they said that we had to talk about safety rule the things that help to put the fire out .




On Tuesday African people come  and danced and drummed they have played together for 20 years and they practice  6 to 5 hours at the end we danced and i got up and danced with the man and the teachers got to dance it was the funniest of all. BRAYDEN HARRIS 
15-8-2011   top gear                                 
Jeremy,Richard and James got to take the peel p50 it was so small it could fit in an elevator. A the carpao t1 is so fast it would go as fast as a Ferrari in third gear. And the Aston martin dbr9 it has six hundred horse power and two hundred speed and it weight is 1100 kg and this is my most favourite its danger rating is 8 out of 10 and it’s lap time is 1m8.6s its engine is 6 litre v12 and its 0-60mph is 3.4s. And the bowler wildcat a dirt car and  its fast and the last best is … THE vandenbrink caver it’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!favourite of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Leigh Hobbs
Yesterday Leigh Hobbs came to our school and told us how to draw old tom and mr chicken and our own characters with cylinders I made the creation of the metal killer.  it was fun
Grandparents Day
On the 18th of August my grandparents came and they were late to the book fair  and they brought me a book and a bird pen and an alien and went home.  I sang in the concert and I played the computer and when I sang in the concert we sang losing things such as an elephant and the ugly step sister speaks out.
 Yesterday the 4s 3s 5s 6s went to the Warnabool library to see the one and only Burke and wills exhibition and  they had a play and then they told us about the seven things the Melbourne Burke and Wills museum they gave for us and I thought it was and good show and awesome to see a real life gun was awesome.
Red Haze
Red haze is about the Vietnamese north Vietnamese south Vietnamese Australians new Zealanders Americans and the vietcong they all were having  a war between the 1960s and 1970s they were fighting over who gets the land and then at 1972 they stopped the war. And hoi chi main was planing a big attack yet . Then at 2am the south Vietnamese soldiers attacked Australians base but the Australians were ready  and raced out and fought and then the leader sent 5 tanks to come to his base.
on thursday everyone had to cook their things on what country that they were learning about like Vietnam grade 4GB did rice paper rolls and crunchy vegetables with noodles. the 5/6 did  butter chicken and rice also kerbabs.the 3/4s did Thailand pancakes. and pearants came I loved it.
On the holidays I went to Teagan and Cody house and had spent three days there and then I went to my aunt’s in Heywood for six and a half days and when I got home I got the new Nerf vortex its kind was the proton.
On thursday all the people from school dressed up and came to the spooky disco  and danced till they died!! The 34s sleeped at school and today we watched  Rio and last night hocus pocus. Mr Buck was death and I was grim reaper it was fun!!!!!!!!!! At the sleepover  we stayed up very late and in the morning we had toast and yogurt for breakfast and we were very tired.I loved them because we don’t do them often.
Sharks is about the great white shark sharks have lots of rows in their mouth and if they get damaged teeth then they have new ones coming throw their mouth. tiger sharks get their name from their tiger-like patterns when they are young
 On monday  a madcap bloke named steve roll up and he played samba and each and every one played in a jazzy  mob and I didnot be familiar with  Miss Hallum could play the drum kit also Geo could to so it was a good time because I helped him when he came here it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 8th Dec
 Saint Pats
On Wendnesday the saint pats came to our school to play some sport with us and i did’not like three of the people Conar Shopie Emily  the were star wars,red light green light ,kick the can and death or glory it was really really really really really really really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we had half an hour then played i had a chicken star wars is like dogball but there is a jedi who can  bring them back in .
That was the best ever game it was fun and shi then there was red light green light whensome body says greenlight you can run to touch the personthen if they say redlight  and you move you are out and you have to start a gane and kick the can  is when  you have  a cone and there are  poeple that have balls and got to nock the cone over then they have to run the oval i loved it.

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