nbicv Ben

welcome to my blog I’m 10 years old I’m interested in riding

motorbikes,bikes,skooters,skateboads,bladeboads and playing allsorts of things. My favourite to do sunts on my bike at the skate park.


Vietnamese restaurant

on the 20th of october 4/5 did a vietnamese restaurant made some food there was rice paper rolls with veges and we cooked somecrunchy veges with noodles I ate in mr barlits room and my room and served in my room.


music festibul

On the 14/10/2011 there was a music festibul in port fariy on the way there

I was sitting next to brandon when we got there there was other school kids there the room was dark


      Beast quest the golden armour

   Zepha the monster squid

This book is about a kid called tom he’s on a quest to get all the peices of the golden armour there’s monster squid,giant monkey,stone charmer,snake man,king of spiders and tree headed lion each beast gards a peice of the golden armour that malvel the dark wizard has stolen. In this book tom is trying to get the golden helmet from the monster squid the squid is in the sea.

When they start there quest  they go to a vilige bowro a bout from one of there frenied lindon when they got out to sea there was a wirl pool tom and Elenna dived in to the wirl pool Tom  had plan his plan was that he will distract zepha why elenna gets the golden helmet.  

When they got the helmet they went back to the villige when they got back to the villige tom tried the helmet on when he put it on it was to big then sudenly it srank then fited tom perfect.

storm came rushing down the hill to say hello to tom and elenna storm was so happy that they were safe then another visien come up in the air mavel holding adro. Mavel said you may of destroyed my monster squid and got the golden helmet but you won’t destroy my giant monky that lives  in the dark jungle. 



On the 7th november 2011 there was a performence at korit & district primary school in the hall there was a music performance played by a crazy guy called steve he used tolit brush,dish  mop and feather duster for drum sticks then steve expland what type of drums he had and drum sticks.


   Saint pats came to Koroit primary schoo

On the 7/12/11 Saint pats came to Koroit primary school to have lunch and play games I seen my cousins their names are Taine and Kayla Taine is in grade 6 and Kayla is in grade 4. The games I played was red light green light ,star wars and kick the can after they left it was home time I had good time playing all the games my favourite game was kick the can.



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