name: Ashleigh



Likes: chocolate, school, climbing trees, hanging out with my friends ,playing outside,nachos, lasagna,chocolate chip cookies,

Dislikes: bullies, sharks,brussle sprouts,horses


My favorite singer\group: Taylor Swift, katy perry,

Favorite animals: CHICKENS,snakes,spiders,elephants,kittens,puppies,dogs


st. pats visit

7th december 2011 st Patricks came to Koroit and district primary school  for lunch and a fun day of games there were games such as green  light red light which was really fun i was the traffic light at one stage i  was really loud i almost lost my voice, another game was kick the can it was a really fun this is how you play: first you have to count how many people you have playing the game then give have cones and the other half soccer balls the aim of the game is the people who have a soccer balls have to kick over the cones and if they do the person who has the cone has to swap so then they have the ball then the game goes on.

The next game we played was death or glory with our sport teacher mr Bartlet and it was really fun then it was time for st pats to walk back to school we said our goodbyes and went back inside to class


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