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On this page you will see stories, book reviews, my reflections and other thing’s I enjoy.



School:Koroit & District Primary School

Pets:Cat(Lucky) Dog(Charlie)

Favouirte colour:Purple



Book review


Mobile is about a boy called Tim that goes on a bus excursion to see the dinosaurs. On the way they have a crash. When the crash happens Tim gets off the bus and runs to a pay phone and calls 000. When he rang a lady asked him lots of questions like fire, ambulance or police. When the lady asked him the questions he felt very nervous, his teacher was very proud of him because he saved everyone’s life.

I liked this book because it showed you what could happen in real life and you would have to answer these questions like Tim.

I would recommend this book to people who like love courage, revenge and terror stories.



Wheelchair Basketball


At 2.30 a man came and talked to us about his accident and he taught us how to play wheelchair basketball. First of all we had a practise then we played basketball it was so much fun. 



P.J day

Today we had PJ day. In the afternoon we watched a movie called Gnomeo and Juliet and we ate popcorn. I had so much fun.




Book review                                                                                                      


Preface is about a girl who tells you her child hood of story and the tradition of story-telling that extends over thousands and thousands of years.

The Sally grandmother always introduced the main idea of the story then the Sally would make up stores from there. 

The aboriginal children are the greatest story tellers in the world.

I would recommend this book to people who like different stores. I liked this book because it explains about the aboriginal’s story’s.



Book review

 The Flying Emu

 The Emu was once the most colourful bird in Australia. His feathers were brilliant blue, his huge wings were shades of pink and purple, his body was like spun gold and his feet were bright red with lime green claws.

Some of the other birds thought Emu was a bit much, Emu loved himself.

Every time Emu thought of himself he sang a song: 

I love my rainbow feathers,

I love my great big wings,

I love the way my eyes shine,

I’m a wonderful handsome thing!

Or he sang 

What a wonderful bird I am,

What a wonderful bird I am,

Forget the rest cause im the best!

Yes, I’m the handsomest.

and then he sang another song

I love my great big feet,

I love my strong fast legs,

I run so fast you eat my dust,

I’m the fastest bird around.


The birds hated emu because he always carried on and on about how beautiful he is.

I would recommend this book to people who like funny stories. I like this book because it is funny and interesting.



Book review

Jilji and the magic bird


There was a time long ago when only human beings could see. All other living things were left in the dark. Australia was filled with bushed animals and reptiles.


The Aboriginals tied snakes around rocks and threw them into the river and flattened every insect they saw. All the time the Aboriginals were being horrible they chanted there silly little song:

Fatfella, Fatfella,

Were his big fans,

Fatfella, Fatfella,

he’s our man!

At the sacred  water-hole fatfella and his mob always built bonfires and gorged themselves on damper, vegetables and any other creature they have killed. They even chew the bones, grinding them to a fine power with there already over worked teeth. Any gristly they spat into Kagaras water-hole.

Then they crouched down among the bushes as they started to sing their song,


Big hunting man!


Greatest in the land!



Book review

About the author

Sally Morgan was born in Perth Western Australia, in 1951.She is a full-time painter and writer.

For as long as sally can  she wanted to paint and write. When she was at school she was discouraged for her expressing herself through art, because her teachers failed to see the promise in her individual style. It was not untill she researched her family history and discovered her aboriginal identity that she found meaning in he images and gained the confidence to pick up her picks again.



Murray Goulburn  

On the 2-8-2011 grade 5s and 6s got to go to Murry Gulbourn to experience what was inside the factory. 

For the first hour Adam and his crew came and talked to us about what they do in side the factory, safety and the jobs they can do.

After Adam and his crew talked to us we got into groups and then we headed off for our extortioner eventer to find out what was on the other side of the big giant wall. 

Finally we arrive and then they made us were nets in our hair and ponchos. Dayan, Ellie and I crack up laughing because Ellie has just stood on her poncho and has fallen over.



African Drummers

Today we had 3 African Drummers come to our school to perform for us in the new hall. When the whole school was quiet the 3 African Drummers came out all in their costumes. 2 of them were wearing a blue top and blue pants and the other man was wearing a yellow costume with a Hawaiian skirt.

After they introduced them self one of the men done a dance it was hair nets.


Then they played a few songs and danced for us they also taught us the names of the different drums.  I had a great day it was the best day ever.



Diary of a would be princess


Diary of a would be princess is about a teenager girl that keeps a diary about herself and about school.

Jillian new teacher hates her, She has to sit next to the school bully, and her brother is more annoying than ever.

Jillian life stinks. The guys don’t want to play with her anymore. The girls don’t talk to he and as usual her parents think she is a problem child and her teacher thinks she a brainless show-off.


I like this book because I like to read about diary. I would recommend this book to people in grand 4 and 5.



 Leigh Hobbs                                 

Today we had Leigh Hobbs come to our school.

He tought us how to draw Old Tom and Mr Chicken he also tought us how to make Old Tom jump up and down.

At the end he mad us draw a tin can and then wake it into a charter.

I had a great day it was good to see Leigh Hobbs. 



Book review

Chinese Cinderella


When Adeline Yen Mah’s mother died giving birth to Adeline the family considered Adeline was bad luck and she was made to feel unwanted all her life. Chinese Cinderella is the story of how she overcame the odds to prove her worth.

I really like this story because it had lots of details and I could understand the story really well and I could picture the image in my head.





On the 29-8-2011 I woke up at 4:30 to get ready to head to my early morning  adventure Melbourne. I arrived at Warrnambool train station and 5:20 to ge ready on my trip to Melbourne. Before we left we took our bags to the front of the train and then said goodbye to our friends and family.

3 hours later we arrived at Melbourne and headed to doxa camp.

When we got to our camp we dumped our suite cases in the hallway and then went into the shared area and listened to a man talk to us about how to use transport and what the symbols mean.

The mr buck and mr Bartlet told us our room mates and cabin number.

I was in cabin number 1. There was 6 people in our cabin they were Ami,Grace,Maddi,Cora,Sarah and I.

After we unpacked out stuff we head to the Melbourne zoo.

When we got there we split into group and went our own way.

These are some of the animals Buttflys,Elephants,Hippos,Lions,Snow leopard,Snakes,Spiders,Turtles and lots of authors. 

After the zoo we head back to camp and had some free time then we had dinner. After dinner we watched a movie and then went back to bed I had a great day.



On the 30-8-2011 it was Melbourne’s 176 th birthday.

After a while the lord mayor Robert Doyle got up and spoke. He was telling us about the story of Melbourne and how Melbourne got its name.

After the lord mayor spoke Phoebe and 2 soldiers took a letter from Launceston mayor and gave it to Melbourne mayor. After the lord mayor read the letter he raised the flag then the guns went off and the cannon fired.

After the cieromney we all got cup cakes on them it had happy Melbourne day.

On the 30th of august I learnt that Melbourne had its own flag it has an oar,cow,whale,boat and a big red cross through the middle. I also learnt that the first tasimans came on enter prize boat and named Melbourne, Melbourne.


At 1:30 we got on Enterprize Boat  for a special guided tour.


At 3:00 we went to the msac (Melbourne sports and aquatic center.) At the msac we got to go for an hour and half swim. At the msac there was a wave pool and a water slide. Ever 15 minutes the wave pool would start. During the time when the wave pool wasnt going every body went on the water slide we had so much fun.


At 6:00 we went to Errol pizza cafe for dinner. For dinner most people had hawing other had super supreme and vegetating. For drinks we had soft drink. dinner was delicious.



At 8:00 we all went down stairs and had breakfast.

At 10:00 we arrived at Melbourne museum.

At 10:00-11:00 we went general viewing

11:00-11:30 we went to the wild area

11:30-12:00 we had the story of Melbourne


After the Melbourne museum we went and had lunch the at 3:00 we went to the Melbourne Gaol.

At the Melbourne Gaol I learnt tha there was 97 rooms. There are 3 levels 1 level was for when you first arrived 2nd level was when you behaved you moved up the 3rd level you shared a room with 8 people if you behaved you were out of prison or if you didn’t behave you sometimes would have to start again. You would have 23 hours in your cell to think about what you have done and 1 hour of excise.

When you went out of your cell for excise you would put on a mask do you wouldn’t get distracted. the Melbourne gaol was exciting to learn about different things.

Then we went back to camp I had a great day.




Today we went to the immigration Museum  when we got there we got our own passport to do as an activity we went in several rooms with our colours. the immigration museum was fun.


At 12:00 we went to the federation square to have lunch and then we went to the federation square play ground the playground was the best one I have ben before.

At 2:00 we went to shine of remembrance we learnt lots of different thing we saw all the different meddles there were thousands and thousands.

I had such a great day.



Today it was the last day at city camp we all packed our bags and then we head of to the Vic market for 2 hours and then we head home. Every body was so excited to see their family. I had such a great camp thank-you to all the teacher for this camp it was such a great experience.



Burke and wills

On Wednesday grade 3 and up went to Warrnambool State library to watch a play on Burke and wills and they brought some things from Melbourne library so we could see what they had I had a great day.

During the past week we have been learning about Burke and wills and we have made poster on them I think it was great learning about Burke and wills.



Digger J. Jones 

Its 1967 and Digger is keeping a diary about things that matter to him like not been a citizen been bullied ,Paulie has died and lots of other things.

Diggers pop makes digger write in this diary digger thinks it is a stupid idea but finally digger gives in and writes in his diary.

Paulie did when he was in the Vietnam war digger and his family go to Vietnam to pick up his body and take his body back home Digger and his family were very upset.

Digger and he’s family are trying to be a citizen because they are aboriginal every body teases them about there colour and religion finnaly the day comes were its time to vote if aboriginals are allowed to vote and it end up as yes. Digger and his family are now full citizens.





Today mum took me to Warrnambool to get a hair cut and some new clothes.

At 11:30 I went to hair room 116 to get my hair cut with ami. At the hairdressers I got my hair washed and then strained and cut.

After the hairdresser Nan meet Mason, Amelia, Mum and I at lake Potobe to have lunch. For lunch we had a picnic Nan and mum had subway and us kids had chip rolls. After lunch we went for a play we went on the Flying fox and we also went for a walk.

After lunch and our play we took Mason to the BMX track down Queen st for him to have a ride Mason had a ball the BMX track look really good. While Mason was at the BMX track mum moo and I went shopping down the main street.

I got jeans, Singlet top, a lepod top and lots more I had a great day.

It is so good to be on holidays.



Jancourt farm

Today dad mum Myles Amelia and I went to the Jancourt farm to decorate the house. On the way to Jancourt mum stopped at gloire jeans to grab a coffee. Mum had a regular skinny latte Roster and moo had a small milk hot chocolate and I had a regular white-hot chocolate and they all came with marshmallow excepted for mum of corse.

When we got to Jancourt dad lite a bond fire to burn all the rubbish from the sheds and mum and I decorated the house.

Today was a little bit boring but it was still good.



Minture trains

Today I asked mum if we could take Myles down to the Minture trains in Cobden mum said that was a great Idea.

When we got there the tickets were $2.00 so mum brought 10 tickets for $20.00.

We got 3 rides each and mum got 1.

On the way home we went to Harris scarf.

At Harris scarf I got a pair of wedged high heals.

After Harris scarf we went to Bunnings when we got there we all headed to the play ground it was pretty boring.

I had a great day.



Home day

Today we had a home day to catch up on the garden it was quite fun.



Jancourt farm again

Today was the nice day and we had to go down to the Jancourt farm to clean up the garden and clean up the sheds.

The first couple of hours I helped mum in the garden and then I helped dad clean up the sheds.

After I helped, Mason, Amelia and I went on the motorbike and then we went on the hay bails.

I was really exhausted by the end of the day and I was really thirsty.

I had a great day.


Today we went to Warrnambool to get Mum’s hair cut at room 116. then we went shopping.

When we got to ALDI mum realised that we had got a nail punched in our tyre it was a deserter. Mum called the R.A.C.V to see if they could swap the tyre. When the man arrived he asked mum for the key for the tyre cover but mum didn’t have it. So the man pumped up Mum’s tyre. When we got home dad said that he would take the car to the marcnaicks and get it fixed.

I had a great day.



Today when dad got back with the car Mason,Amelia,Mum and I head to Geelong but before we went we had to pick up the spare tyre.

When we got to Warrnambool we had to pick up Nan and take her to her best friends place in Geelong.

When we got to Geelong we dropped of Nan and headed to our accommodations then we went shopping.

When it became dinner we headed to Hogs breath cafe.

Mason and I had a kids stake and curly chips, Moo had a kids nuggets and curly chips and mum had a salad and saman.

Dinner was delish.



Today when us kids woke up Mum said im going for a walk then im going to come bake and have a shower and then decide what we are going to have gor breakfast.

While mum was gorn I had a shower and then I got back in to my P.J’S and jumped back in bed to watch tv.

When mum got back and done all the things she needed to do we all decided what we wanted from MC Donalds

Moo had pancakes Mason had 2 has browns and 1 bacon and egg mc muffin and I had 1 hash brown 1 bacon and egg mc muffin and a chocolate thick shake.

After breakfast we al got ready and went shopping. I got lots of things. I had a great day




By M.r buck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why do Orangutans burp?

Book review

Why do Orangutans burp is all about different facts about animals, Tecionalgy and other gross stuff.


Giraffes cant cough

slugs have 4 noses



Restrunts at school


When we got to school we started perping for our restaurants first we seated up our tables then we chopped up the vegetables.

After everything was chopped up mr buck asked Maddie Meagan and I to help him come cook some omlements.

When mr buck was showing us how to cook a omlement he tried to flip it in half when it was still runny it was pretty funny.

After snack we started making the food first we made the rice paper rolls then we made crunchy vegetables and noodles.

In the first time-table I went  to the grade 5/6 restrunts to have a taste of indian food. had spicy chicken rolls and buttered chicken with narn bread. it was yummy but the chicken carbabs were a bit spicy other wise it was good.

After that I had to serve in our room. When mum and dad came in we had to say xin chouw (Witch ment hello) then we had to seat them and get them their meal every body liked our food. We had a great day.

The grade prep 1 and 2s had a restaurant together their restaurant was Indearoshian.The grade 3/4s restaurants was Thailand. The grade 4/5s restrurnts was Vietnam and the grade 5/6 restaurant was India.



brass concert portfairy

Today the whole school went to portfairy to listen the brass concert. When we got there we all got seated and then the brass instruments introduced them self by playing a tune then they played some songs for us we had a great time.



spell it


Today Wilson,Grace,Will and I got chosen to go to the spell it compition to reperansant our school. At 9:30 the bus came to pick us to tack us to saint Pius.

When we got there we had to were a red standard t-shirt and cap.



Diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth

It’s a couple of days untill school holidays are over and Greg and Rowley are not friends. Greg is worried about who is going to play with.

When school starts he play with Christopher Tyson and Fregley.

When It is the weekend Greg walks past Rowley house and Greg sees Rowley playing With Cool Brain (a coumpey that you hire for a teenager to play with)

Greg thinks its pretty stupid with Rowley mum hireing CoolBrain after the years Of what Greg has been doing for Rowley tying his shoes Walking him home from school and in years Greg hasn’t been paid at all and Cool Brain is getting paid for playing with Rowley.

After a couple of weeks Greg and Rowley just carn’t survive without each other so Rowley comes around to Greg house and gives him a best friend necklace.


I would recommend this book to anybody it is not to easy and not to hard.



Disco at school


Last night at school I went to the school Disco. At the disco the teachers had but up lots of things in the hall to make the disco look spooky and scary it look great. When everybody arrived the costumes look great. There were witches, deavles, vampires, skeleton and lots more.

The school brought chips, lollies and cordial for us.

I had a great night.

thankyou teachers.


I liked this book because it had lots of detail and t had some pictures




On the 7-11-2011 a peculiar man called Steve came to our school to put on a bizarre performance for the school in our new school hall.

Steve first played abundance of weird and different drums that had horns and bells on them. When he played the drums he  played them with an abundance of different things like toilet brushes, scrubbing brushes and lots of other really really wacky things.

After he played for us he went through the different instruments and the different thing he played such as the duck horn, a horn, lots of drums, cows bells and more zany wacky things.

After that Steve got Georgia and miss Hallam to play the drums and then he got other people to play different instrument like the cow bells, belly dancing drums,rice shakers and lots more.

I had a great day i think steve should come again.


 Surf awarness program

Day 1: Today we lernt about beach saftey. 

Saftey rules:

1. stay between the yellow and red flags(swimmers only.)

2. Blue flags(surfers out side of the bluie flags.)

3. slip slop slap seek slide(slip on a rashrie slop on some sunsreen slap on a hat seek some shade and slide on some sunnies.)

Day 2:

Today we lernt about rips:

How to get out of a rip if not a strong swimmer: 

raise you hand


wait to be resccued.

how to ge out of a rip in you ate a strong swimmer:

swim to the side of the rip right or left.

What dose a rip look like : a rip is a sandy cloured water were there is not many waves.



One the 7-12-2011 St pats from koroit came to our school to have lunch and play some actiities.

After lunch the st pats and koroit kids got split up into there grades and went off with diffirent teachers to play diffirent games.

First the grade 5’s went off with miss hallum to play Kick the can.

How to play kick the can:

You will need:

  • Cone’s
  • soccer ball’s
  • 5 and more people

How to play:

1.Every body gget a cone (exectep person that has th soccor ball)

2.Every body with a cone has to gard it you have to stand over it.

3.Person with soccor has to kick the cones over>

Ami of the game:

Person with th




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