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What I  enjoy strawberries,  lollies, animals and family .



We had wheelchair basketball with Jason at the start it was hard but then it got easier.

My team won.



PJ day

We had pj day where everyone got in their pj’s. At the end of the day we watched a movie we watched Gnomeo and Juliet it was funny and good.

Overall it was an amazing day!



Murray Goulbarn

We want to Murray Goulbarn with Port Fairy consolidated, Woodford, Grasmere, Hawksdale and Saint Pats Koroit. And had a tower in Murray Goulbarn we saw a movie that all the people see when they first start .




This book is about a Jack Russell who is a detective. Someone has taken something but what is it? That is when the Jack Russell come in to try to find out who. The chocks try to attack them. In the end they find out who, it was an awesome book.

I recommend this book to people who love dog’s.



On the 9-8-2011 we had Africans drummers come and dance, sing and play instruments. I can’t think of the instrument names. they have played together for 20 years. they practices together for five hours a day. people went up and played some of the instruments. And some of the people danced and the teachers got up and danced they done the disco dance it was very funny too. at the end we all got .

it was a funny day



On the 16-8-2011 we had Leigh Hobbs come to our school he showed us how to draw Old Tom. And how to make him move on a plan piece of paper. Showed us how to make a movie. He showed us how to draw Mr Chicken too.

It was a fun day.


18-8-2011                                              Grandparents day

On the 18-8-2011 we had grandparents  day they came at 11:30 we showed them the school.  we did a play for them. it was good because we had the book fair and the grandparents got some book’s. then we had some people came from Coles came and gave us and the grandparents some fruit  too.

today was fun.


29-8-2011                                          doxa camp

On monday we had to be at the train station we had to be they by 5:40 am  when  me and mum got to the train station  I checked in my  luggage. And me and Rhiannon got on the train  I was sating next to Rhiannon I waved good-bye to mum. When we got to the Melbourne train station we walked to were we are staying for the week. Then we had a man who talked to us about public transport. Then we sorted out our cabins in my cabin was me and Madi, Cora, Grace Sarah and Annabella too.

                                                          The Zoo

At the zoo we got in our groups my group is blue. And then we had lunch for lunch we had a  cheese and ham sawah and some fruit and a fruit juice too. After lunch we saw the elephants. Then we got into groups in my group was Rhiannon mr buck and mr Bartlett too. So we went to the animals after we saw the animals. We went to the gift shop I got a statue of two meerkats and a pencil too. Then we cached the train bake to the train station. And walked bake to camp. When we got bake we had free time.


For tea we had rice, turkey brad, soup and some more things and water too. Then we had more free time but we had to do your book.


On Tuesday we got up at 6:30 when you get up and have  a shower and get  dressed then you go down stairs to the restaurant and have breakfast for  breakfast was toast and cereal then you will get your water and pack your bag then you go to the sharing room and mr buck will tell you what we are doing today.then you go down stairs and out side and line up then we make sure were here.

                                                       Melbourne day 

on Tuesday we went to Melbourne day at first we listened to the spectres then we waved our flags and we were on t.v waveing our flags then we had cupcakes that said happy Melbourne day on the top.

                                                                        docklands ship

then we went to the docklands on the ship called the docklands on the ship we got to host the sales on the ship. we got to look at the bottom of the ship too. they had bed’s and  more staff too . it was very fun too. 


we went to the msac to go swimming they had a wave pool and a big slid and  wave pool when the wave pool was on the slid was not on. but it was fun 

we went to a pizza  place it was yummy too.


we got to the camp and had our showers and got in our pj’s on and we watched a movie or got to sleep our got to your bed and play with you friends too.


in the morning we had our showers and packed our bag’s and filled our water bottle’s and then we had breakfast at camp we had the same thing then we went up to the camp and got our bags and went out side and got in our groups.

                                                          Melbourne museum

we went to the Melbourne museum and we looked at the anomalies and bug’s and bones too.

                                               museum gardens

and had lunch for lunch we had a sawah and a drink too.

                                                old Melbourne gaol

we went to the old Melbourne gaol we got to see where ned Kelly was handed and were ned Kelly was before he was handed and then we looked at the gift shop then we went to the place we were staying at


we went to the imagism museum it was fun we lent about how people went to one county to anther.


today we went to the Vic market and then came bake to .


On the frist day off the holidays it was saturday and me dad mum and Kurt went to the Melbourne show at the Melbourne show we went to the kids place inside the kids place was lot’s of thing’s I got a  fish that pol out bubbles and then I got a dream catcher and then we went to the house place and then we got some lunch  and then we went to the rides me and dad vs Kurt in bumper car’s it was fun and funny. then we went ho me

today was a very fun day



Chrissie the wish fairy.

Chrissie the wish fairy has posted a cards with some thing’s that will make people’s wishers come trew . Rachel and Kirsty are posting some cards to then they put the card’s in the post box then they come bake out then Chrissie the wish fairy came because she put her card in that post box and she said the goblins is in it trying to get

the card and spoon.

I think that people who love fairy

I loved this book



 pearl the cloud fairy

 Doodle the rooster has magic feathers and Rachel and Kirsty need to find one more.  Rachel is staying at Kirsty’s house. And then the door bell rang and Kirsty opened the door it was the Mrs and mr Twitching they asked us if we had seen their cat? but we had not seen their cat.  So Rachel and Kristy said they would had a look for their cat so they went to town.

Kirsty was seeing cloud’s on top of people’s head’s. And then Rachel bumped into one of her mum’s friend’s she was very nice but today she was not being nice. Then Kirsty said that it mit be the cloud’s on top of their head’s. Then they looked at the park no one was having fun. When the ice cream van came they still went happy. So they went home then Rachel and Kirsty saw could on top of they mum and dads head’s.

Then they went up to they room and saw pearl the cloud fairy out the widow. Rachel looked out the window and saw her she said that the goblin had the last feather. Rachel said do you now where he is pearl.pearl said yes I do Kirsty said were is it then she said he is at the lilies factory. Kristy said to her mum that they were going in to town so off they went. When they got there they remand that they were shut on the weekend. But then Rachel saw an air vent so they asked if pearl torn them into fairy’s. And they went  into the air vent. Rachel said I would think that they would turn them off would you? I would think so pearl said it is on because of the goblin we will find him then Rachel saw him will they get the feather

I liked this book so much and I hope you will too.



 Vietnam restaurant

 When I got to school I went into the class room. It had Vietnam thing’s all over the class room because we were setting it up yesterday. We got to wear hat’s when we served and we got to eat two time’s. I aet in the Vietnam restaurant wich was the one I was working for. then I eat in the Indian restaurant some of the food was spicy but nice but we had water too so it was all good.Then I went and served in the place I worked and cooked so I had to wear my hat I made

I loved all the food and restaurant’s because they were looking lovely

 it was a fun day too.



Today we went to portfairy to go to the brass family when we got there they showed us what they played then how log it is too they played music and some people get to go up on stag and you can



spooky disco

Last night we had a spooky disco, I dressed up as a spooky witch and put on dark makeup too and then we got there at 6:30. It finished at 8:00pm and the grade 3’s and 4’s got to stay the night but I didn’t because I am in grade 5 so I went home.

It was so much fun and the very spooky too my favourite part was getting dressed and putting on heaps of makeup.



diary of a wimpy kid

it is Greg 1st day at high and his friend has more popularity than him but when his popularity starts  to rise it starts to test they friendship and he trays to get pay back and that did  not work. 

i liked this because it has lots of funny things in it


st pats

on the 7.12.11 st pats people came they sat in the 4/5/b and 5/6/h.for lunch

green light red light

the grad 3/4  played red light green light  with miss hoy you play green light and red light one of the kids says green light then you run  then the kid says red light you have stop if you move you have to stop and don’t move if you move you have to go back it the start.

it was a good day too.


1 to 2 of dec bike camp. The 3/6 went. We heaps of stops and when we got to port fairy we set up our beds. And then we went to the park and some of the people went  to the light house . I gust play  on the park it was fun as. When we went back we played at the school then we had our showers and then we watched a movie and then we went to bed the next day we had a to go home so we went home it was very fun and wh had  of heaps of stops too when we got to school we watched movies and our lunch.



15.12 . 11
promises is about  a boy called David and a boy called luke who is school captain and a girl called rose. She had always wanted to be school  capitan but David did not like her rules. So he went and asked if someone would go up and be school capitan but no one  would go up to be it. So David had to go up as school captain  so he was making heaps of promises to people so they would vote for him. So rose was not school captain. But David did not get school captain because he could not keep his promise.

 I liked this book because it had heaps of problems

I reccomend this book people how like heaps of problems







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